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Mini Twists With Short Hairline

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey hey hey. Hope you are well. I told you. I said I told you. I can’t stay away from mini twists for too long. I thought I would not be doing them too soon when they were just looking so untidy because of my hairline when I did them last time. For those who don’t know, my hairline was badly affected by post-partum shedding and although the hair is growing in, it is significantly shorter than the rest of my hair. This is making my twists look so untidy and unkempt. If you know what I mean. Which is the reason I opted for extensions in my last protective style. But you see, extensions come with a whole lot of things with them. One of them being, they can be heavy when saturated with water when you wash your hair. This depends on the extensions one uses of course. The other thing is, I am not that good with installing extensions in my hair. So having to ask someone to do them for me just puts me off. You see, I have become so accustomed to doing my own hair such that most times I don’t feel comfortable to have someone handle it. So my hands being the best, mini twists being my favourite, I ended up doing them again. But, I had to find a way of  making them much more presentable and that is when I saw this (the picture below) and I was like “that looks cute. I will do that style soon” And I did. Kind of.

Micro twists

I did the front flat twists first and tied a pony with the rest of the hair the next morning for work.RUTH1 (764x1024)

ruth2 (735x1024)Love these twists. They are quite micro so I am loving the volume that comes with micro twists. I know, taking them down may be a nightmare. Will think of that when it comes to it otherwise, I am enjoying my PS (protective style) Besides there are techniques that make taking them down easy and painless.

IMG_2508 (683x1024)Micro Tw

I have had them in for two weeks now and I have washed them once. I undid the front flat twists, washed the hair and re-did the front again once my hair had air dried in chunky twists.MicroT

More love and blessings to you and yours.

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Qwerty Asdf 11 July 2014 - 07:59

what a wonderful blog!!! it’d be great if you also gave suggestions on salons and braiders etc. I’m in a love hate relationship with my hair but it’s great to find some African-based inspiration 🙂

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