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How often should I deep condition my hair?

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa
Deep conditioning Natural Hair At Nashe Hair Studio

A common question haa? Well, let’s see. I honestly cannot answer in one word or sentence. I wish it was possible to do that though. So, I will go with, it depends on the type, condition of the hair and lifestyle of the individual. What! Lifestyle has something to do with how often hair is deep conditioned? Well yes. Actually is a big determining factor. I know, hold your horses and allow me to explain.

How lifestyle affects how often hair is deep conditioned.

You guessed it. I am starting with the less common and often overlooked one. A person’s lifestyle affects how often they wash their hair. If you train a lot, you are going to sweat and your scalp may become itchy very quickly. In the end, you may wash your hair 3 times a week with at least one shampoo wash in one week. After a shampoo wash, deep conditioning is very important.

Let’s compare that with someone who is always in a protective style and only washes the hair when they undo. That person will deep condition once after every 2 months at most, after removing their braids or any protective hairstyle.

See! a person’s lifestyle determines how often they are going to deep condition their hair.

Does hair type determine how often hair is to be deep conditioned?

Yes, yes yes. Straighter hair can be deep conditioned once a month while course, coily hair will benefit even if it is deep conditioned every time it is shampooed which can be weekly. Straight hair is generally less dry because it is easily lubricated by the scalp sebum that can easily flow down the hair shaft to the tips of the hair. On the other hand, course coily hair does not enjoy those benefits. Because of the coily/curly nature of the hair, the sebum can hardly reach mid shaft and thus dryer and more brittle and requiring of all the help from products it can get. Therefore our coils and curls will need more deep conditioning that straight hair.

Healthy Natural Hair

Healthy Natural Hair

If you wash your hair at home, and you have coils or curls, try deep conditioning every week. If you wash your hair at the salon, once a month should be enough though because more specialised equipment is used. However, if it is a hair rescue operation going on, every 2 weeks treatments at the salon may be recommended by your stylist. If not sure, ask her/him about it.

That speaks into the next point. Which is the condition of the hair. Sometimes the hair may be struggling and in need of extra moisture or strengthening. In that case, the condition of the hair affects how often you need to deep condition the hair. If at home, every time you wash your hair, deep conditioning will restore your hair back to health. If at the salon is where you get your treatments at, then every other week will definitely help restore your hair back to health. Just make sure good quality products are used and don’t be to shy to pay for the best treatment for your hair. Remember, in this world you will always get what you paid for. Great quality costs more. That is logic.

What is your hair type and condition of your hair? Or, does your lifestyle affect your hair care needs more? I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, till next time, here is to well hydrated, stronger hair!


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