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Is it Important to deep condition hair?

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

That is a question I am often asked and the answer is always yes. No matter your hair type and condition, it is important to deep condition. Some more than others of course and the products to be used for every deep conditioning session may differ. But deep conditioning is a must for healthier hair that does not break easily.

What is deep conditioning hair?

While some may know, others are quite confused about the term deep conditioning, let alone why it is so important for every haired person. So, let us clear that before we go into why you you should deep condition your hair.

Deep conditioning is when you let a conditioner to sit on your hair for longer so that it can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and thereby nourishing the core of the hair. Always, the hair is shampooed first or at least washed to strip it of any oils coating the hair and then the conditioning product, preferably one that is specifically made for deep conditioning is applied on the hair, making sure all strands have some.

Applying some form of heat is best in order to open the hair cuticles and allow product deeper into the core of the hair shaft. That is why it is called deep conditioning. It is a process of conditioning deeper into the hair shaft, the core, the medulla of the hair  where the strength of the hair lays.

That’s cleared right? Cool! Let’s now dive into the cooler stuff. Why is it important to deep condition? If you have not got it yet, don’t worry. That is why I am here. Here goes!

 5 reasons why you should deep condition your hair.

  • It helps to product to penetrate deeper into the core of the hair, nourish and repair and prevent any damage to the hair
  • Helps with stronger hair that does not break easily. If your hair is limp, dry and breaks a lot, deep conditioning is your friend. It will make your hair stronger and combat breakage.
  • Helps restore shine and luster to the hair. You can kiss dull, lifeless, limp hair goodbye.
  • Increases moisture retention as the hair is hydrated for longer and from the core as well.
  • Struggling with split ends, deep conditioning is what your hair needs. Well moisturised hair splits less if at all.
  • Helps maintain colour treated hair. Especially when you go lighter. Don’t let that hair turn into straw in your hair. Deep conditioning will restore that softer, luxurious feel again.

Okay! This quite a mouthful. But Deep conditioning is quite a wide topic and I will sure be visiting it again. There is a lot to consider when deep conditioning. The products to use, how often, what not to do and of course how to do it well. I will leave it here for now though and till next time, pamper your hair a little more with deep conditioning.

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