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How to deep condition effectively

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Now you know the importance of deep conditioning and how often to do it. But how to deep condition your hair effectively is another aspect of deep conditioning. Or for doing anything for that matter. We don’t want a situation whereby, your efforts are a waste of time just because you are doing it wrong, in the end, not getting the full benefits of deep conditioning. Alright!  I am just spelling it all out for you. Here is a step by step on how to deep condition your hair effectively.

  1. Wash your hair very well. Washing your hair before deep conditioning is a must. The hair needs to be clean and not covered with dirt and other products that were applied before. If a product is applied before the hair is washed, that is not deep conditioning effectively because the cuticles are somewhat sealed and there is little to no access to the core of the hair. How does the product go deeper? Hair needs to be clean, preferably shampooed. Yes, shampooed because shampoo has a higher pH which allows for the cuticles to be open naturally. And when the deep conditioner is applied, it accesses the core of the hair easily.
  2. Make sure all strands are covered with product, especially the ends. I am not saying apply a lot of product. You do not have to see the product but feel it. So, do not apply too much but spread it or massage it well into the hair so that every strand get some. The ends are also the oldest part of your hair and may need the product more.
  3. Cover with a plastic cap and a warm towel if at home and you do not have a steamer. Otherwise, if you have a steamer, go under the steamer directly. You do not need to cover your hair with any plastic cap. If all you have is a hooded dryer however, you also need to cover your hair with a plastic cap. This creates steam within the cap for your hair which encourages your cuticles to open and let product penetrate to the core of the hair.
  4. Allow the steaming to take place for at least an hour if using body heat, that is when you wear a plastic cap and cover that with a warm wet towel. If under a hooded dryer, 30  minutes should be adequate. However, under an industrial steamer, 15 to 20 minutes is all you need.
  5. Rinse out the deep conditioner with lukewarm water to encourage the cuticles to close and seal the product inside the core of the hair.
  6. Blot dry excess water and style hair as desired.

Simple right? True story. That’s all you need to do. Are you going try this? Let me know how it goes. I know doing your own hair can be a daunting task especially if you are a busy with other things that fulfill you. However, this is good to know even if you are going to get your treatments at the salon. You are still the captain of the ship and you need to know if the stylist is doing it right or not.  Here is to deep conditioning the right way! Till next time.

Here is how you can do it at home.

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