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What Are Your Plans This 2022?

by Blessings

Hey hey! Compliments of the new year! We are still in January and, I’m not too late to wish you well for the year. I also hope you enjoyed your holidays and you have settled into your normal everyday life, returning to jobs and kids returning to school.

I wouldn’t say I had much of a holiday because wow! December was busy at work and we ended up closing late for the year. It was a okay though because l had no plans for the holidays. I am back at work and ready to take 2022 by the horns.

My goal this year is to stay positive always and having clear intentions with everything that l am planning to do this year. I intend to become an independent woman and chase my financial freedom. I am currently an intern and I am learning everything I need know so that I can be impactful in my career.  Know your intentions as we start a new year, and you won’t go wrong.

If you didn’t do well in your studies last year, work harder this year. If you have always wanted to upgrade your studies even further just like me, don’t hesitate darling. Apply for that degree or diploma and start working on it. It’s never too late plus education has no age. They say life starts at forty anyways. *wink*

A successful career or business is everyone’s goal. That’s common knowledge. Identify and get the tools you need for your success and continue striving for that highest level that you have always wanted to reach.

If you have always wanted to start your own business, put those ideas on paper. Maybe this is the year can start working on the business as a side hustle and you will soon get there. Don’t mind what other people say. It is your journey after all.

Be intentional about what you do with your hair and what you want from it. If you take good care and nourish it well, it will carry your crown well. Find a good natural hair salon that knows how to take care of natural hair,  do regular treatments, protect your hair from unnecessary breakage and identify the products that your hair loves. More than anything enjoy your hair.

Make exercising normal. Source: Amazon.com

Normalize eating healthy and going to the gym regularly for a healthy long-lasting life. If you want to run every day in the morning, then do it, cut the second thoughts.

My advice for 2022 is that you need to stop looking at what other people are doing with their lives and do you because it’s about you darling no one else but you. Love yourself and always be thankful for being able to see another day alive. Lastly for your peace of mind always stay positive no matter what happens.

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