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Easy Holiday Hairstyle On Natural Hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I know, life gets in the way and doing your hair may not top your to do list. And still, you need to look good. There are many natural hair hacks every natural haired girl should know and one of them is a sleeked ponytail, high bun or high puff. Yes you may not wear it for a long time but it sure saves a bad hair day many a time.

This hairstyle is one of those. When you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and yet you don’t want to look like you have fallen on hard times. Because you haven’t girl. God has blessed you so abundantly and you need to look it as well.

Let’s start from washing the hair. If you can, do it in the shower. It is easier to detangle under running water. The knots just melt away. When you are done with your final rinse, while in the shower, brush your hair wet to tie a ponytail. Be careful not to make it too tight though. This helps stretch your hair for drying. Wear a satin scarf, a durag or something to keep your hair down while it is drying. This step may not be necessary if you have very long hair. But if your hair is short, even 2 inches long, you can use this method to dry your hair stretched. Go about your day while your hair is drying.

It does not have to dry completely as well. When time allows, undo the ponytail and style your hair as you wish. Apply gel only on the top of the hair to set your hairstyle.

Since you may not have enough time to dry the gel, do not apply too much. Brush it down to sleek.

Tie a satin wrap, scarf, durag or doek to really lay your hair for about 30 minutes to an hour. In this time, you can do other stuff or prepare your hair piece. when hair is close to somewhat dry, you can remove the wrap and attach the hairpiece.

That’s it. Total time from wash to finish should be less than 30 minutes. Surely, even with the tightest of schedules, you can pull this one off. Watch the video for more visuals.

Will you be trying this hairstyle, any time soon? Please tag me on your socials. My handle is @evemafupa Until then. have a merry Christmas and the happiest of 2022.

Of course I will give you some photos because I  (shyly) did a mini photoshoot on my phone.

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