Johannesburg Natural Hair Meet up.


It was so refreshing to be at an event, a hair event that I did not have to be too involved in organising, all thanks to Margaret Chandia who did the running around for the event to take place. The crowd was so refreshing as well. There were a lot of new faces with sprinkles […]

My Updated Regimen: 2015


It has been long since I updated you on my current regimen which has since changed from what I used to do back in 2014. As I learn my hair more and more and as my lifestyle changes, I tweak things as I go along so that my regimen suits my lifestyle and I do […]

Growing Long & Healthy Beautiful Kinks


(Part of this content was featured in Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Celeb Styles written by Ruth Mafupa) For a long time, we were meant to believe that African kinky hair does not grow long. And we were not wrong in our beliefs because indeed, it never seemed to grow long. I remember as a young […]

Detangling Natural Hair Made Easy

Detangling Natural Hair made easy-0

One of the challenges of natural hair is detangling in a very efficient way such that you do not lose much hair from breakage. Removing shed hairs and knots should be the only outcome. However, this is easier said than done. Techniques are invented and tested to make the detangling process as less traumatic as […]

Undoing Mini African Threading

Hey Guys. In this video I show you how I uninstalled my mini African threading. I kept the style in for two weeks. Removing the threading was not difficult at all. Super easy. Took me about an hour to finish. I went on to detangle my hair but that will be in another video. Stay […]

A Natural Approach To Psoriasis: Home Remedies

home remedies.1

If you are anything like me, for every situation or rather problem, you will always look for the natural approach to solve it especially when it comes to health issues. I am un-apologetically a home remedy kind of a girl. Although I know that natural solutions are not totally risk free and side effects free, […]

25 Random Facts About Me – Tag

Facts tag

So I was tagged by Fanta of Aucurls Naturelle to do a 25 random facts about me sometime last year and trust me I recorded the video several times. Almost every time I would forget something and would have to do it again until I finally just had to post what I had actually said […]