Hey Lovelies. Only three days before the much awaited, much anticipated Durban Natural Hair meet up and just letting you know that MzansiFro will be in the house. Yeah. Isabel Ngulube from MzansiFro will be in attendance and she will be presenting too. Her topic will be, “How to build a hair regimen” So many […]

Durban Hair Event. Meet our speaker, Wendy Parkies


Wendy Parkies blogs on Black Hair Problems and her blog moto is  I Am My Hair  that I know you will want to check out. A lot of inspiration and tips to look out for on her blog. And for the upcoming Durban Event, she will be presenting on “Protective styling the winning way” for […]

Durban Hair Event: Meet our speaker. Nangamso

N Phakathi

Nangamso from Frochic, a South African hair blog will be in attendance at the upcoming Durban Natural Hair Meet up and she will be talking on, “Starting and maintaining healthy dreadlocks. By day, she works for an academic publishing house as an editorial coordinator. By night and weekends, she is a co-founder, editor and blogger at FroChic blog. […]

Meeting the Harare Naturals


                      As much as I wanted to come back to Johannesburg and pen down how the Harare Natural Hair Event went, I simply could not due the huge work back log that I had to deal with. Although I could access my email most of […]

Event Alert: Durban Natural Hair Meet Up

Poster 1

  So we are at it again here at Natural Sisters and Natural Moisture. Another hair meet up on the 1st of August 2015 and this time it is in Durban. There have been many requests over the past months to have a hair meet up in Durban and every time we had one here […]

Making a moisturising hair spritzer guide


Making a moisturising hair spritzer is not rocket science and it is very easy to do on your own. I know, I also did not have a clue when I started my natural hair journey and I tried this and that to make the perfect hair spritzer. Now I know that I basically need two […]