How I Do My Big Puff

Big puff-0

So I did a big puff sometime back and recorded it so that I can show you how I do it. After years of trying, found out that using a belt that does not stretch does not pull my hair excessively so I have been using this same belt for years. I also found out that […]

Healthy Hair In The Summer Heat.


A second heatwave already in such a short time! And the air is so dry especially here Gauteng. I thought mt hair only needed survival tactics for winter but it seems we are having a rather dryer summer and my hair needs all the TLC I can give it including well planned methods of making my hair does […]

Bantu Knots @ Urban Zulu + Review


Finally managed to go To Urban Zulu Natural Beauty to have my hair done. I had twists and Bantu knots done and oh they looked so cute. I have never done such cute bantu knots on my hair. Watch the video to see how they did my hair and what I think about Urban Zulu […]

Found a New Tea Rinse, I’m In Love!

chamomile tea

For most of my hair journey, I have been using tea rinses to harvest many of the benefits that tea has to offer. I have used from the caffeine teas like green tea and 5 roses black tea and also the South African red, Rooibos tea which does not have caffeine but is full of […]

Pompadour Pinned Updo, Office Natural Hairstyles

pompadour pinned updo

When my hair is stretched but is in no shape to be worn out, a pinned updo normally saves the day and this is one of the styles I go for. It’s a fast and easy hairstyle you can wear to the office, interview or any formal setting. Can be done on medium to long […]

Natural Hair T-shirts in South Africa


As I watched US based You Tubers and read on their blogs which I must say I still do, I have watched with admiration the beautiful natural hair T-shirts they have there. You know, a T-shirt says a lot in just one or two lines and besides having Shea butter and Black Castor oil, that’s […]

A proud moment

Healthy Natural hair

If there is one thing I am so glad about starting this blog is seeing many people and some of them close friends start to enjoy their natural hair as it flourishes in the African sun. One particular friend I spent a long time trying to convince to ditch the flat iron is Beauty. And […]

Healthy hair tips for over 40’s

timothy 7

As we get older, growing healthy hair is not quite the same as when we were younger and the growth hormones are on the offensive. As we age, our hair – just like our skin – loses its elasticity, moisture and general strength. Chronic breakage and even hair loss may be inevitable for many. This […]

6 Styles with Mini Marley Twists

6 Hairstyles with  marley twists

  Playing in my hair is my pass time or rather I make time to play in my hair. he he he. I really did enjoy the Mini Marley twists that I had recently and of course I loved styling the twists as well. In this video, I show you 6 different styles that I […]