Growing Long & Healthy Beautiful Kinks


(Part of this content was featured in Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Celeb Styles written by Ruth Mafupa)

For a long time, we were meant to believe that African kinky hair does not grow long. And we were not wrong in our beliefs because indeed, it never seemed to grow long. I remember as a young girl, if one had hair down to her shoulders, we all saw her as the one with long hair. But now things have changed. Armed with the information all over the internet, from friends and family, we have come to realize that African kinky hair does grow long as long as it is treated well and with respect. Oh yes there are T’s & C’s attached to it. Continue reading

Detangling Natural Hair Made Easy

Detangling Natural Hair made easy-0

One of the challenges of natural hair is detangling in a very efficient way such that you do not lose much hair from breakage. Removing shed hairs and knots should be the only outcome. However, this is easier said than done. Techniques are invented and tested to make the detangling process as less traumatic as possible. As always, no two heads are the same and what works for someone may not exactly work for you but may still give you an idea on how to do it when working on your own hair. So, in the video below, I show you how I finger detangle my hair especially after removing a protective style. This is when there are more shed hairs than normal and the hair tends to lock together. They say our strands love each other so much such that they always want to hug. And if you keep them hugging for too long, separating them may break them. So that is when we need a very good slip product that can help the separation not to be so traumatic.  Continue reading

Knowing Your Ingredients: Which Alcohols Are Good Or Bad For Natural Hair

Image: courtesy of pinterest

Are you losing the battle with dry hair? Are the ingredients in your hair products sabotaging your efforts to healthier hair? Here is the deal. The products you may be using could be having drying agents in the form of alcohols. Wait a minute. Not all alcohols are bad for your hair. They are some good ones which actually condition our hair and there are some bad ones which dry out our hair and even other alcohols which do not affect our hair much and all these often grace the ingredients list of  hair care products we use. This is what I want to share with you so let us get started by discussing the different types of alcohols that are found in hair care products. Continue reading

A Natural Approach To Psoriasis: Home Remedies

home remedies.1

If you are anything like me, for every situation or rather problem, you will always look for the natural approach to solve it especially when it comes to health issues. I am un-apologetically a home remedy kind of a girl. Although I know that natural solutions are not totally risk free and side effects free, I tend to trust them way more than the chemical alternatives. So you know I have your back covered because I went on to look for such solutions which help keep Psoriasis under control and also make sure you don’t lose any hair to this condition. Listed below are some of the home remedies that I came across. Continue reading

25 Random Facts About Me – Tag

Facts tag

So I was tagged by Fanta of Aucurls Naturelle to do a 25 random facts about me sometime last year and trust me I recorded the video several times. Almost every time I would forget something and would have to do it again until I finally just had to post what I had actually said in the video. No one is going to give me marks for it so even if I leave tonnes of info, it’s okay. So here is the one that I think is most comprehensive and I hope it gives you a chance to know who Ruth Mafupa of Natural Sisters is. Don’t forget to thumbs up if you like the video and if you would like to get more videos from me direct to your inbox, why don’t you go ahead and subscribe. You know what, subscribing makes my effort worth while because I will do videos knowing you are waiting for them.

Faux Dread Lock: Mini African Threading

African Threading

Hey lovelies. So I managed to do some sort of protective styling on my hair by trying out something I used to do a few years back. Only that, when I used to do African threading then, I did not keep the do on my head for longer than a week because I used to take much bigger sections. But this time around, I took much smaller sections hence I called it, “mini African threading”. Wanted the threading to look like mini twists but it ended up looking like a faux dread lock. No worries, I liked it like that. I did this early December 2014 though so this is a delayed post.

I recorded how I did the threading including how I added more length to my shorter hair around my hairline so make sure you check the video below for more information. Let me give you a background though and also mention the products I used.

Continue reading

Beautiful Hair With Scalp Psoriasis


Hey guys. In this post, I want to let you know about how to deal with scalp psoriasis, minimise flare ups and how to minimise hair loss. This is a follow up post to Scalp Psoriasis And Natural Hair. Let’s get right into it. Continue reading

4 Years Post Relaxer, 2 Years Fully Natural.


Hey. I can’t believe it has been this long since I embarked on my natural hair journey. It seems like yesterday when I decided I was going for natural hair and funny enough, I made that decision the very day I had just put a relaxer on my hair. Delaying the inevitable I suppose because inside, I was a natural and straight hair no longer appealed to me. This is the longest I have been natural ever since I started relaxing my hair and I am so proud of myself. Not that I have ever been tempted to relax my hair again these past 4 years but it is because I have managed to commit to growing natural hair for this long. I am loving it. Continue reading

Afro Botanics Conditioners Review

Afro botanics conditioners-5

Hey loves. Loving 2015 already and my goal this month is to clear everything I did not manage to do last year so you will be seeing more posts more often for some time. This is stuff I need to share with you so I am going to work extra hard to make sure you get it all. Some of the things I need to do are reviews of the products I used in 2014. I am going to be doing a lot of those for some time and then stop completely until next year same time. I prefer doing reviews on a product I have actually used and seen the results and not from the first impressions only. So to start with, as the topic of this post states, I am reviewing Afro Botanics Conditioners.  Continue reading

ORS Win And Drive Finale Winners Event

Olive 5

(This is a sponsored post, courtesy of ORS™ South Africa)

Hey loves. Hope you are doing this festive season and keeping safe as much as possible. And one person who is enjoying this December with what it brought her is Prudence Tshabalala who won an Alfa Romeo Guillieta on the 10th of December 2014. Natural Sisters attended the finale award afternoon held in Midrand  and those who follow me on twitter @natsis27 got insights on what was happening as I tried to live tweet as much as I could. It was a well organised event with a lovely atmosphere. Nice food as well I must say. And the goodie bags, I love them. A nice choice of products to put in a goodie bag. We got an edge tamer, ORS signature hair spray, shampoo and conditioner with a pamphlet about how to care for our hair at home. How cool is that. This is stuff that I will not give away but will use on my hair. Will let you know how it goes. Once I got a relaxer in the goodie bag at a hair event. I did not even know what to do with it. Ended up giving it to someone although it was against my ethic. I can’t be seen giving away a relaxer and discouraging relaxers at the same time.  Continue reading

Scalp Psoriasis And Natural Hair


Hey loves. I hope you are doing great. Today I thought of discussing psoriasis or more particularly, Scalp Psoriasis. This is a topic of interest to me considering, I have very itchy and sensitive scalp and on trying to find out what was wrong with me, I found a lot of information about scalp psoriasis and thought to share with you guys. I hope it helps another sister or brother out there. Continue reading

Stretching My Hair With Chunky Twists

May 2014

Hey folks. I noticed I had never done a video on how I stretch my hair using chunky twists so here it is.  This time I did an oil treatment, more like a moisture treatment the night before and bagged my hair. I used coconut oil and Afro Botanics conditioner. I then washed my hair the next morning using my trusted black soap (I did’t get the Afro Botanics shampoo) and then applied the same conditioner and detangled in the shower using my fingers first and then followed with a wide toothed comb. I then used Afro Botanics  leave in conditioner and Twist & Shine Shea butter to twist my hair. I was not going for a high definition twist out but just twisting my hair for a good stretch. Because of my thinner ends, twist outs are not looking great so a pinned up do is normally the final style. In this case, I was preparing my hair for some mini African threading.

I hope it helps out someone, even one person will be great and if you have any questions for me, please put them in the comments section on the video. You can also request other videos that you would want to see there. Don’t forget to subscribe and rate the video. I will be posting a video on my review for Afro Botanics products that I used. Make sure you subscribe so that you can receive my videos straight to your inbox.

Otherwise, enjoy your holidays and many blessings to you and yours.

Durban Wedding: Awesomeness


Hey folks. Met one of Natural Sisters’ readers at a wedding in Durban. I had come all the way from Johannesburg and she was coming from Cape Town only to meet in Durban. How cute life presents itself sometimes. I thought I had lost the photos I was taken with Nicole in Durban so I was not going to be able to share with you. But then, some time last week, I noticed I had  already saved them before my handbag was stolen in September. I was at the wedding on the 30th of August. Real awesome time. Continue reading

My Best Wash ‘N’ Go Ever On Natural Hair


Hey guys. So I have been doing a bit more wash ‘n’ go’s lately and have grown to love them. When I started the maximum hydration challenge, it just seemed normal to do wash ‘n’ go’s because they are so quick to do and you can go about your business soon afterwards without waiting for the hair to dry and re-style. Who says type 4 kinky hair can’t do wash ‘n’ go’s? In this video, I share with you how I do my wash ‘n’ go’s for the best results. Continue reading

Big Flat twist protective style Tutorial

Check my hand at short term protective styling on straight hair. I am not used to dealing with straight hair at all since I am always in twist outs and mini twists. Anyways, a skill can always be learnt considering I cannot really do much of twist -outs or mini twists because of my pitiful ends. Life has to move on right. I think this style came out really cute and I am proud of myself big time. Not bad for a novice. So here we go…

Big hugs to you!!


P.S this video was published some two weeks back. I just neglected to share on the blog.

Jozi Natural Hair Meet Up


I also can’t believe it that the Jozi Natural Hair Meet up is done and gone. I was so busy in the past weeks preparing for this meet up and you guys it is a lot of work. Thanks to those who came for indeed my efforts and those of other members of the organising committee did not go to waste. We had a fabulous time. There was so much to talk about. Hey, there is always so much to talk about when it comes to hair. Continue reading

Rhassoul Clay, Benefits and Side Effects


You have probably heard about Rhassoul clay and its amazing benefits to both hair and skin. I will however still introduce you to it none the less. In case this is your first time to hear/read about this clay.

What is Rhassoul Clay Continue reading

Summer Natural Hair Care


I love summer. No more layers of clothes just to feel warm and my hair flourishes in the humidity of rainy weather. So me and my hair are happy. But wait a minute, summer brings much more than that and our hair may suffer damage instead of flourishing if certain precautions are not taken. In the midst of the beautiful hot African sun, plenty weddings and end of year parties, you want to still take care of your hair to make sure breakage is minimized as much as possible. Continue reading

You Are Invited to Jozi Natural Hair Brunch


So many people have emailed me, messaged and even called me requesting a hair meet up for local naturals. Because of my studies, which I have finished, or at least for the time being, I could not host any events earlier in the year. Hosting is a lot of work and trust me, the brain works even more trying to think things over and over on how best to do it. Anyway, I and 3 more ladies managed to arrange one for the 22nd of November 2014 and the tickets are only available online at Quicket. It is going to be a brunch at a local Cafe, Thrive Cafe on Vilakazi street in Soweto to be precise.  Continue reading

Heatless Blow Out On Natural Hair


In this video I show you how I use African threading aka amaphondo aka mabhanzi to stretch my natural kinky hair.

I used Shea butter, Extra Virgin Olive oil 4 Hair to make my hair soft and retain moisture for longer. I don’t stretch my hair often but because of my thinner ends, I am doing it almost once a month now. I still stay away from heat still so that is why I prefer to use this technique to stretch my hair.

Many blessings to you and yours.

Choosing the best hair straightener for coarse and frizzy hair 

Hair iron judge

Let’s face it, your hair requires some after hours maintenance. Coarse and frizzy hair is always thought to be one of the most difficult hair types to manage and style. But in this day and age there’s nothing that can’t be done. With the right knowledge, that is. Let me show you how the pros pick their hair irons for this hair type. We’ll go together through all the steps and make this article as comprehensive as it can possibly be. Our ultimate goal here is teaching you how to choose the perfect hair straightener to make your hair more flattering than you could have imagined. Getting to know your hair There are two terms that need some explaining here: Continue reading

AIHE. What A Blast.


This time I told you before hand about the AIHE. Yes, this time I really did and for those who came to say hi, it was really nice to see you ther. It goes without saying, this year’s event was a lot different from last year’s one and I think it was more biased to natural hair care than last year’s one. That’s my opinion. You know what, the tide is really changing and many African women are taking charge of their hair and making sure they don’t cause unnecessary damages to their stresses. Natural hair was really like trending at this year’s event and I loved it. Before I go on rambling, let my start from the top. Right. The  AIHE was split into 3 distinct events and I was privileged to be able to attend all 3. The first one was the Hair conference, then the Awards Evening and lastly the Expo. Continue reading

Flash Back… Transitioning Hairstyle


Kind of. These are not pictures from when I was transitioning but the state of my hair right now is kind of where I was some 2 years ago when I had hit the 12 month mark in my transition.

For those who don’t know yet, I had a major set back in my hair journey and I experienced excessive shedding some time last year. I am not sure when though. You know when you are losing hair, sometimes you don’t know how serious the issue is until maybe there is hardly any hair left. Well for me, fortunately there was still a lot of hair on my head. However, as my new hair grows in, it makes my longer, older hair look kind of funny, if I allow it and I will not. So in my second transition, I remembered this hairstyle. Continue reading

Oh How I Wish I Had Your Hair…


…Would you want my type of hair? These were the words of what I call a beautiful girl whom we shall call Mpho for now, as she played in her Indian friend’s hair. I had gone to collect my boys from school one sunny but slightly chilly afternoon and as I waited for them to be called from the play ground, I happened to over hear the above one sided conversation. I say one sided because Mpho’s friend did not answer back. She did not seem to mind Mpho playing with her hair though. Mpho looked about 10 years old, somewhere there and had a beautiful afro. A full head of kinky hair, combed out. I wanted to approach her and ask her why she preferred her friend’s hair to her own. I stopped short of  gathering her in my arms and whispering to her that her hair is indeed beautiful. Because of the school policy governing the conduct of parents and learners which are not their children, I could not. I just looked hopelessly and walked away wondering what must have been going on in Mpho’s mind.  Continue reading

The Professional Beauty Johannesburg 2014


Being MIA for most of September meant having quite a back log of posts that I would like to share with you guys. There are events I went to and things that I have been doing to my hair. So I will be bombarding you with post after post for some time to get everything out of the way. Besides, I am in this full time now so I can really do it more. One of those events I attended is the Professional Beauty Johannesburg show which was hosted at Gallagher Convention Centre on the 31st of August to the 1st of September. Continue reading

How to apply the Cherry Lola – Caramel Treatment

CL Treat-0

Hey folks. So I managed to record how I apply the Cherry Lola – Caramel treatment which is used as a first step in the MHM. This is my third time doing it and I absolutely love it. With my extremely frizzy crown, I really need a boost of moisture and this treatment is basically what it does to my hair. I really love it and plan to do it once a month or two from now on. The ingredients included in my treatment are not all that are mentioned on the MHM website so I would advise if you can, to get the whole batch of products. I just use what I have and don’t stress about what I don’t have. My mixture works just fine for me though.

Ingredients of my mix

Continue reading