Healthy hair tips for over 40’s

timothy 7

As we get older, growing healthy hair is not quite the same as when we were younger and the growth hormones are on the offensive. As we age, our hair – just like our skin – loses its elasticity, moisture and general strength. Chronic breakage and even hair loss may be inevitable for many. This […]

6 Styles with Mini Marley Twists

6 Hairstyles with  marley twists

  Playing in my hair is my pass time or rather I make time to play in my hair. he he he. I really did enjoy the Mini Marley twists that I had recently and of course I loved styling the twists as well. In this video, I show you 6 different styles that I […]

Q & A: How can I make my hair soft?

Softer hair

This is one question I get asked the most. Notwithstanding our hair is so different and the answer may not be one size fits all, I have tried to answer the question here. I hope it will help you. Here goes… What makes hair hard to the feel is either, lack of moisture, product build-up, […]

Africa International Hair Extravaganza


It is here again, the Africa International Hair Extravaganza and this year it is going to be on the 12th of September 2015 at Vodaworld, Midrand. To be able to host an event, four years successively without fail is particularly commendable by any standards considering what it takes to host an event of this nature […]

Durban Hair meet up. My view


A huge Thank you to those who participated in the Durban Natural Hair Meet up. It was really awesome of you and you made it the success that it was. Oh I am so humbled by you guys. I really am. Thank you. From the speakers and each and everyone who took time out to […]

African Threading: Stretching Natural Hair

African threading on natural hair: Stretching natural hair

Kinky hair is particularly difficult to work with and often requires a lot of patience because it tends to tangle easily especially when not stretched. So if I need someone to work on my hair, I normally prefer pre-stretching it to keep all the drama and pain at bay. In the video below, I show you […]



Hey Lovelies. Only three days before the much awaited, much anticipated Durban Natural Hair meet up and just letting you know that MzansiFro will be in the house. Yeah. Isabel Ngulube from MzansiFro will be in attendance and she will be presenting too. Her topic will be, “How to build a hair regimen” So many […]