The Maximum Hydration Method: My Take.

wng5 (732x1024)

Thanks to a mini informal meet up with a couple of naturals one Saturday morning in Johannesburg, I learnt there was this Maximum Hydration Method aka MHM and the Cherry Lola Treatment for low porosity hair. My hair was feeling quite dry and lacked vibrancy. I will thank winter blues for that. Anyways, when I heard about it, I once again availed myself to try it. Of course I did a bit more research on it and I resolved to trying it out. Not the proper way though and you will find out why in a bit.

What is the MHM and how does it benefit kinky hair?

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2014 Birthday Giveaway!

2nd birthday card.

Hey Lovelies. So excited. It is Natural Sisters 2nd birthday. I did my first blog post in July 2012 and now, two years down the line, Natural Sisters still lives. Thanks to you.

It has been so much of a pleasure to be blogging on Natural Sisters, answering your questions and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired on natural hair. I am still learning and educating myself on natural hair. I believe the journey has only started and with determination, knowledge and willing to do the work, we can make the journey worth the while. Thank you of being part of the Natural Sisters Community.

To celebrate Natural Sisters’ second birthday, we are doing a give away. This is all explained in the video below. Entries close on the 31st of July 2014.

Here is to many more years of blogging


Many blessings





Awesome Email: PATIENCE Is What I Need Most…


I received this email from a fellow natural from North West, South Africa and wasn’t I warmed. Especially because she sent some pictures as well. How I love seeing pictures of naturals all over. You know, there is something about natural hair. I can’t explain it and I can’t get enough of it either. I love natural hair with all its vibrancy of health and strength. So pictures of natural hair will obviously melt my heart and because her pictures were so awesome, I asked her for permission to share them with you. You see, I will not share any pictures or personal information without asking for permission first. So here they are. the email she wrote to me and the pictures. I have sent her some questions to do an interview feature on this blog so look out for it soon. Here goes…

My name is Boitumelo from Potchefstroom, NW. I came across your web site yesterday, 12-07-2014 and couldn’t believe it. Well, I have been doing research about natural hair because I’m so in love with it. So during my research, I was only able to find natural ladies from US and Europe but not here in Africa or RSA. Well after years of stalling I finally did the big chop (BC) in September 2013, and start my hair regimen with little knowledge and access to some products. So I’m still learning about this journey and have learned that PATIENCE is what I need most… Still struggling though. Anyway i just wanted to let you know how happy I am that I stumbled across your page and hope to learn more and use your products more… less stress now. I have attached my pics of my natural hair journey. Thank you and God bless

speaks of good health

speaks of good health

Lovely hair

Lovely hair

Protective low manipulation styling

Protective low manipulation styling


Thank you so much Boitumelo for writing in and sharing your picture with Natural Sisters all over the world. Much much appreciated.

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Many blessings to you and yours


Grow to love it… Meet Jane A Nyanga Naturalista


For some people, having long hair does not involve a lot of do’s and don’t’s. They do not do numerous DIY sessions just to keep their hair still attached to their scalp and rely entirely on a stylist (tried and tested I think) at a trusted salon. I wish I was one of those because it seems I have developed  a phobia  for someone handling my hair. I really hope I will grow out of it because I really do believe there are a lot of stylist who really care and know how to deal with natural hair out there. Finding one can be the first step. Will be working on it. Any how, Jane happens to be one of those extremely blessed ladies and she sent Natural Sisters photos and shares her natural hair journey as she is our Natural Sister Feature for today.

What’s your name and where are you from?

Jane Tendesayi Nyamandwe.  I’m from Nyanga but currently living in Beitbridge,  Zimbabwe. Continue reading

Will Biotin Grow My Hair?


The jury is still out on this one and my answer will always be, “There are many factors involved in growing healthy hair and retaining the length and these differ from person to person” Could Biotin be what you need to boost your hair growth? Let’s find out.

But what is Biotin?

Biotin is a water soluble B vitamin and is also known as Vitamin H and is responsible for several metabolic reactions in the body. It helps in the breaking down of fats and carbohydrates for use as energy, breaking down of proteins to urea and helps in the conversion of amino acids from protein into blood sugar for energy. Biotin is available to our bodies from the food we eat and most of us get enough to keep us healthy. Biotin is found in foods like milk, egg yolk, nuts, yeast, dried peas and mushrooms, cheddar cheese, cauliflower, fish and avocado. If not getting enough of these foods in your diet, there are Biotin supplements on the market as well. Continue reading

Crochet Braids Using A Bobby Pin

Snapshot 2 (6-27-2014 12-03 PM)

As you may know, we are right in the middle of winter and I chose to do a protective style that will not only be a low manipulation style but also hide my hair to protect it from the harsh winter cold and the excessively dry indoor heating. I chose to do the style myself and need I say, it took me 8 hours to do and I am not doing it again on my own. Never. I have learnt my lesson. And because I did it myself, I also did not tie the synthetic hair quite enough at the back section so they were busy pulling out quite often. Although I loved the style to bits, I could not keep it fro longer than 2 weeks. I had to remove it and now I am back to my chunky twists aka Havana twists. I have learnt my lesson.  Continue reading

A Nelspruit Naturalista: Meet Lindokuhle


Although I have not been to salon for just over 3 years to get my hair done, there are many who are not as DIY advocates as I am and have all or part of their hair care needs satisfied by hairstylists at a salon. Finding a good and reliable hairdresser is the best step to have a hair journey close to Lindo’s journey.  Continue reading

Best Products For Natural Hair In Winter

Argan oil

It is winter time now in Southern Africa and with the cold weather, comes with the need to alter a hair regimen. This may include how you wear your hair most times, the products you use and the number of times you wash your hair. This may be confusing for some, especially if you are still new to the healthy hair journey or it just slipped your mind and you are not sure what to do. Here, I want to focus on the choice of products you need to be making to have great hair every day this winter. Continue reading

7 Winter Anti-breakage Tips For Natural Hair


Winter is upon us folks and for a girl like me who knows how much havoc these dry winter months can wreck on her strands, I know, it is time to switch things around and make sure my hair stays healthy throughout winter and beyond. For some us, great, healthy hair doesn’t just happen. We need to invest some time and effort into it. But for some people, knowing what to do is the key point. They are not lazy to put in the hours, but knowing where to direct their effort sometimes is the real deal. So here are my & tips which are going to be expounded in later posts. Continue reading

We’ll Keep Bananas In The Smoothie Compartment: Meet Agatha


What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi everyone my name is Agatha, I’m originally from Kenya but I’m currently based in South Africa.

What is your hair type?

I’m not an expert but I would put my hair in the 4b – 4c range. I have course thick strands with a low porosity that require a lot of moisture.

When did you go natural and what made you do it? Continue reading

A Natural Sister: Hazel


They are real beauties in Africa and more so if that beauty is not distracted by so many unnecessary add ons. Then the real beauty  is given a chance to really shine and show its fullness. I received these pictures via email and thought I should share them with you for inspiration.

Hazel is a natural sister from Harare, Zimbabwe. She wrote me the email below. Her email gave me so much encouragement to keep the blog going and help even more naturals on how to maintain their natural hair and realise the full potential of their hair. She is blessed let me say. To have so much hair and not really follow a hair regimen. That is why, or maybe you noticed, it is not the usual Q&A but just a feature on a natural sister in Zimbabwe who is about to start her healthy hair journey with so much hair already. Continue reading

Mini Twists With Short Hairline

Micro twist

Hey hey hey. Hope you are well. I told you. I said I told you. I can’t stay away from mini twists for too long. I thought I would not be doing them too soon when they were just looking so untidy because of my hairline when I did them last time. For those who don’t know, my hairline was badly affected by post-partum shedding and although the hair is growing in, it is significantly shorter than the rest of my hair. This is making my twists look so untidy and unkempt. If you know what I mean. Which is the reason I opted for extensions in my last protective style. But you see, extensions come with a whole lot of things with them. One of them being, they can be heavy when saturated with water when you wash your hair. This depends on the extensions one uses of course. The other thing is, I am not that good with installing extensions in my hair. So having to ask someone to do them for me just puts me off. You see, I have become so accustomed to doing my own hair such that most times I don’t feel comfortable to have someone handle it. So my hands being the best, mini twists being my favourite, I ended up doing them again. But, I had to find a way of  making them much more presentable and that is when I saw this (the picture below) and I was like “that looks cute. I will do that style soon” And I did. Kind of.

Micro twists

I did the front flat twists first and tied a pony with the rest of the hair the next morning for work.RUTH1 (764x1024)

ruth2 (735x1024)Love these twists. They are quite micro so I am loving the volume that comes with micro twists. I know, taking them down may be a nightmare. Will think of that when it comes to it otherwise, I am enjoying my PS (protective style) Besides there are techniques that make taking them down easy and painless.

IMG_2508 (683x1024)Micro Tw

I have had them in for two weeks now and I have washed them once. I undid the front flat twists, washed the hair and re-did the front again once my hair had air dried in chunky twists.MicroT

More love and blessings to you and yours.

Protective styling; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Black Hairstyles Braids

Protective styling is a method of protecting the ends of your hair (the oldest and most fragile part of your hair) from rubbing, splitting, and being damaged by the elements. When you leave your hair out every day the ends dry out, they rub against your clothing and you manipulate your hair daily causing damage and breakage. This breakage could be the main reason why your hair isn’t retaining any length. There are 2 types of protective styles; complete protective styles and low manipulation styles. Complete protective styles include wigs, weaves and braids, while low manipulation styles include buns, twist outs, braid outs and roller sets.

The Good

1. Length retention When done right protective styling prevents breakage. No breakage=longer hair!

2. Time saver Dealing with kinky hair can be time consuming; detangling, washing, styling, drying and daily manipulation. Once your hair is in a protective style you don’t have to do much to it besides the occasional touch up and a daily spritz for moisture.

3. Low maintenance Kinky hair grows better when it’s left alone. With protective styling you can do just that because they offer low maintenance. You don’t have to manipulate your hair every day.

The Bad

1. Neglecting hair It’s easy to get lazy when you have a protective style. Remember to properly care for and maintain your hair underneath. Continue to wash your hair to remove build-up from your scalp. Your scalp needs to breathe in order for your hair to grow.

2. Keeping style for too long Keeping protective styles on for too long leads to dry hair, a dry scalp and breakage.

3. Costly Unless you can do your own hair or have a friend that can do your hair for free, some styles such as weaves and wigs are quite costly.

The Ugly Because a picture is worth a thousand words…Traction alopeciaweaveWhat is your go to protective style?

Amanda xxx

Webesite: A For Afro

Facebook: A For Afro




Mother’s Day: Being A Mum To Boys!

Miranda (1024x683)

Don’t get me wrong. I love my boys so much. But I still miss being a mum to a little girl and somehow, my blessings didn’t come exactly packaged that way. That does not stop them from being blessings does it? The reason I miss this is because I have been blessed with several talents like, sewing, baking, hair dressing and more.  These would have been put to better use if there was always a girl around. My younger sister on the other hand is not particularly gifted in all these and guess what? She has two girls. (We always laugh about it) And that’s alright because I have them as my nieces and my creativity is mostly spent on her girls and other nieces from my husband’s family. But me being in South Africa and most of them being in Zimbabwe, Malawi and abroad, that does not help any matters because I rarely see my nieces and when I do, be guaranteed I will ask to do their hair.

Miranda3 (1024x683)

Doing my niece’s hair

Miranda2 (1024x683)

Naturals. Sisters and Daughter

And always, when I am doing their hair, I start thinking of how difficult it must be to raise a little girl. You know with boys it is quite basic besides shopping for their clothes. There just seems to be lesser options than on the girl’s side in most clothes shops. Or so I think because I am raising boys. Back to the hair. Doing my hair, already takes quite a lot of time and I can’t imagine having to do someone’s on a weekly basis. I suppose I would have to make time and get used to it hey. Either way, I salute you ladies with baby girls especially those who have not succumbed to the relaxer to make managing their child’s hair less time intensive.

672a5c7e6d6f6c5ce6b5a5482eec4843Of course I also salute you mothers raising boys like me.

I salute all mothers who are real mums to their little ones.

A boy or a girl is a child and a blessing. Always.


Here is to a happy mother’s day to all mothers.



Meet Serati Maseko

image (3)Today we have Serati Maseko in the house, giving us a glimpse of her natural hair journey and regimen. Yaay!! I have known Serati for some time now and she has such a sweet presence and a real pleasure to be around. She is so humble, easy going, very friendly and so beautiful. So is her hair. Read on and enjoy, comment, share and like. Share the love.

What’s your name and where are you from?

What is your hair type?

I would say I am 4C, meaning the kinkiest of all hair types. It is much finer on the side edges and the back, and thicker in the front and middle. I am, however, still learning about my hair, and still figuring out how it reacts. I battle with dryness,  so I don’t know if maybe if my hair was at it’s optimum state of moisture if it would still be this texture, or if my hair would be more of a looser curl; I suspect that it would.

When did you go natural and what made you do it?

I went natural in 2009 when I was 17, so it’s been 5 years. When I decided to go natural I was completely unaware of this large community and online presence of tutorials and natural hair blogs and pages; so I really did it on my own with very little knowledge of my hair or what to do with my natural hair. I had had another bad experience at the hair salon, I had relaxed my hair and done braids and the women had completely over-tightened them; and I think I was just tired of that whole experience. Nine months later I still had those braids in (yes, nine months- I did say I was completely uninformed!), and I was interested in doing Sisterlocks. I took the braids out, and cut off all my relaxed hair, I had a lot of growth from having my hair in a protective style for so long, and I slowly started learning about how to care for my afro.


What was the most challenging thing about going natural?

This is a difficult question, I can’t pinpoint one. But I’d say one of the things would be trying to figure out my hair, what it likes, how it reacts in humidity, waking up and battling to get it to do what I want. Just basically learning about my hair, a lot of us have never had our natural hair out as a child, it was either relaxed or in braids ALL THE TIME, and that was my experience; so I had no clue. I’ve come to the point where I have accepted my hair, it is not the kind of ‘get-up-and-go’ hair, at least not yet, it requires time and patience, and I’ve come to love my hair for all of that; and be gentle with it. The joys far out weigh the challenges because I love knowing that when I look in the mirror it is all me, and I can look at myself and appreciate all that I see.

image (7)

photographer: Kobus Snyman

What are your hair goals?

Right now my hair goal is healthy hair. That’s it. I am enjoying every stage of my hair, every length. Lately I’ve been enjoying doing different styles, being creative and experimenting- our hair is so versatile! I am learning to utilize more and more protective styles, daily, weekly, so as to retain length. I want to grow my hair, but mostly I want beautiful healthy hair at all lengths.

What is your weekly regimen?

I am trying to gain a more relaxed approach to my hair, because I used to obsess about it, which was tiring. So, my weekly regimen at this point is just that, relaxed, it’s flexible. I wash my hair every weekend, and moisturise during the week as it needs it. I need to start doing pre-poos and hot oil treatments more consistently. But I feel like I used to have my hands in my hair all the time doing this and that, and it was more handling than necessary; so I’m trying to keep it minimal.

What does your “wash day” involve?

It’s different every time. Sometimes I will do a hot oil treatment, say olive oil and castor oil- I love that combination. Other times I’ll do a Mayonnaise treatment, it’s cheap and I always have it, and it leaves my hair super supple. And then I have been using Mixtress in the Kitchen’s mud wash and spritz. AND I have fallen in love with Natural Moisture’s Shea Butter to seal- it gives my hair such stretch! I After washing my hair with either Mixtress in the Kitchen’s mud wash or plain old bicarbonate of soda mixed with water, or Tresseme Naturals Shampoo (which I tried yesterday for the first time), or Natural Moisture’s Black Soap (which I love), I’ll condition with either apple cider vinegar diluted with water, or an alternative conditioner. Then I spritz with my home-made black tea, castor oil and olive oil spritz (which gives my hair such shine and lustre, and Mixtress in the Kitchen’s Black Vanilla Blossom spritz. I leave my hair to dry a little, and then seal with Natural Moisture’s Shea Butter, and then I do two or three braids each side to stretch it.

image (4)

How do you wear your hair most days?

I always wear my hair in an afro. It is simple, my hair grows up, so it makes the most sense to just let it BE. I like being creative with it, doing up-dos, I love seeing the different creative styles I can come up with to look classy or funky or retro. But daily it’s just out, in an afro.

What is your “go to” hairstyle?

My go-to style is an afro, it involves the least amount of struggle to get it in a particular way. If my hair is dry and really refusing to behave then I usually just tie it back in a puff, this is actually also my go-to style when I’m dancing because the shrinkage I get from sweating is just annoying- it’s better to have it stretched.

image (2)

Do you use heat on your hair at all?

I never personally use heat. When I’m working, at a photo shoot, then hairstylists will sometimes use heat, but so far, albeit one tragic experience, it’s pretty minimal; and just to give it more volume and length. But I do cringe each time they have to use heat on my hair.

Wide-tooth comb, finger de-tangling or Denman brush?

I prefer finger combing at all times. I don’t think my hair needs to have a comb be able to go through it from root to tip, however I do use a wide-tooth comb occasionally, when I want to get rid of knots; but I don’t comb when it’s not necessary; and I only comb when it is wet.

Is your hair normally loose or in a protective-do?

I had my hair in braids back to back for three months a few months ago, because with modelling I have to have it out all the time, they don’t like braids- so I really wanted to give it (and myself) a rest. Mostly it’s out in an afro, but lately I’ve been trying to do more protective styles day to day, keeping the ends tucked.

What are your “must have” products?

I love castor oil and olive oil- the combination just works for me!! Also, the stretch and sheen that Shea Butter gives is awesome!! I use it all the time now. But I have struggled with Shea butter in the past, I bought one that says from Kenya, and it just made my hair hard, the Natural Moisture one is amazing!!

Have you ever had a hair tragedy? What was it? How did you recover from it?

I have had a hair-tragedy, and that is what inspired to start my Facebook page Afro Hair In Fashion. I made the mistake once of being a model at a ‘hair show’. Now at hair shows the showcase hair, they showcase products, but the focus is not on healthy hair, it’s on the style. They basically burned my  hair: started off with blowing it out with a hair dryer, and then they did about 3 styles over the course of the day and each time they would use curling irons and straighteners. The hairstylists had never worked with black hair, one of them got visibly frustrated with my hair when the comb would not glide through it. It was a nightmare!! And this was for two days!! And I had had my hair braided for a while just before that so I felt like I had lost the length that I had gained, and instead gained a whole lot of split ends; so I had to trim quiet a lot of my hair afterwards. I decided never to do a hair show again!! And now I always make sure I know what they will be doing to my hair before a shoot, and always put in heat protectant just in-case.

image (6)

What’s your biggest tip for maintaining healthy or long hair?

I’d say moisture is a big one!! We all know this, but it’s a big stumbling block when you first go natural, and it’s why people think natural hair is not beautiful because they don’t realize that when it is moisturised it is supple and malleable and really really beautiful!!

Any social sites where people can find you?

I have a page on Facebook called Afro Hair In Fashion- it’s about tips and products, but more than that it’s about the psychology of natural hair and the politics of natural hair. Our hair has a painful history and so I think giving tips on how to maintain it is well and good, but if we don’t have a love of our hair, more likely than not it’s because we don’t have a love for ourselves; and this is deeply ingrained. I seek to debunk the myths and misconceptions surrounding black women’s hair. I am also  a musician, and I have a music page on Facebook as well called Serati. I am also on Instagram- @gypsidaze. And twitter @Serati_cherypie.

image (1)

#HTL Hair Challenge Month 2 Update

hava2 (600x800) (2)

You know I have been on a Healthy, Thicker Longer hair challenge since the beginning of March 2014 and I have been posting weekly updates that became fortnightly and now I think once every month is more sustainable as I have other stuff to post on besides my hair escapades. So, I am going to round up April which is my second month on the #HTL hair challenge in this post and my next update will be towards the end of May 2014 with a length check as well. So far so good I can say although there are a number of frustrations and setback here and there. However, my hair is improving quite a lot and I have a lot of new growth which is much thicker and healthier. Am so excited already for how my hair will be like after 6 months or 12 months. For some background on this hair challenge, please read, #HTL Hair challenge. As I said my hair is improving and my edges are growing in as well. It kind of feels like transitioning because I am dealing with two different textures already, as in one which is massively thick and the other quite weak and fragile. Although this development brings joy to me, it has brought with it some challenges which I will discuss in a bit. I am not doing any length check this far.  I will only do at the end of May which will mark my end of month 3 on this challenge. Not sure if it is some placebo thing going on, but I do feel my hair is indeed growing thicker and longer.

Products Twist & Shine 100gI have stuck with the garlic, coconut oil scalp treatment and I now use it every second wash. This is working quite well and I will continue using it. I have also started basing my scalp. Yes, you know I am not a fan of basing the scalp but some time these past two weeks, I noticed my scalp was not just dry but was flacking badly. So I took a rat tail comb and worked on those scales  to kind of lift them off my scalp and after that, I slapped some Shea butter Twist & Shine from Natural Moisture direct onto the scalp and it really felt good. Although I am not sure whether I am dealing with psoriases, normal dandruff or scalp eczema, I thought my Shea butter would do me some good and it did. The flakes went away together with the itching so I am hooked. You know, Shea butter has some wonderful benefits to our hair and all these culprits that I am suspecting one of them is giving me a hard time, can be sorted with Shea butter. I know I have to go see a specialist for my scalp because the GPs I have seen so far just prescribe an anti-dandruff shampoo and those things don’t do much for me besides depleting my bank account. So yes I am back to basing my scalp. How long it is going to work I don’t know but I will keep you posted. If you base your scalp, the chances of having build up on the scalp are high. So, I realise I have to wash my hair often still. How often? I hope every two weeks if the scalp issue is solved. So for washing y hair, I am using the African Black Soap. It is so good to me and my hair and it does not dry out my hair at all. After washing, I am still using the LOC method to seal moisture into my hair. For conditioning, I am still using Tresseme Naturals and sometimes as a leave-in as well though I mix it with other oils to use as a leave in. The oils that I am using at the moment are, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and amla oil. Essential oil, Tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

Caring for my hair. I still listen to my hair needs and spritz, moisturise or wash it when the need arises. I put it in a protective style as well with Kinky Twist extensions some time in this last month but they only lasted for 3 weeks instead of the intended 4 to 6 weeks. My scalp was flacking and on fire from all the itch associated with dandruff. I am still going to put it into a protective style and with winter on its way, it actually feels like winter already, I have to be serious on protective styling. No jokes or else my hair will fall.

Challenges Dandruff is my biggest challenge and although I have been fighting this battle for almost a life time now because I have always had dandruff as far back as I can remember, (primary school) I am not giving up on my scalp. I will keep searching and researching for a cure or at least for some relief. The other thing, as mentioned earlier, my hair is in a state that feels like I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. My new growth is a lot thicker than my old hair and dealing with the much thicker hair and the finer older hair is a bit challenging especially when it comes to styling it. My  edges are giving me a hard time making them neat and presentable in any style. They are just looking untidy all the time. I have tried to use gel but it often looks untidy after day 2 already and can’t seem to lay them down my hair well. So working on that. Mini twists are a no no given the uneven hair along my edges. I also need to come up with a solution to overcome that. I love mini twists and I know I cannot stay away from them for long.

Am happy of the progress my hair is making and I am looking forward to the good times ahead.

Much love and blessings

Back And Running

NSs running

Hey loves. Hope you are well. There have not been new posts on Natural Sisters and believe me, it was not my fault. Yes I will put the blame on my site theme or WordPress updates or on anything. But yeah, we have been having problems with getting into the dashboard to post anything onto Natural Sisters. Thankfully the rest of the website was okay most of the time and was not affected by this down time. We are back and running now (of course, that’s the reason you are seeing this post) Otherwise, there is quite a lot that I need to update you on so let me get onto it.

Later, see you in the next post

Heaps of blessings

Deep Conditioning On The Go

running (740x1024) (2)

Do you often find yourself short of time to give your hair some deep conditioning love, there are several ways you can deep condition your hair on the go without eating up too much of your precious time. For all the methods, you will use the bagging method or greenhouse effect to deep condition your hair before washing it.  Here are some ways to deep condition your hair on the go. Continue reading

Undoing Mini Twists On Natural Hair The Easy Way

In this video, I share with you how I undo my mini twists on my natural hair. I use a leave-in conditioner to add slip to my strands so that they can glide past each other without knotting and causing unnecessary breakage. The method I use here to take down my twists is fast and painless while moisturising my hair all at once.

Q&A: Why Do I Use A T-shirt After Washing My Kinky Hair

t-shirt or towel

A follower of this blog wrote me an email this week and her question was, “Why do you use a T-shirt and not a towel?” I thought about it for a while as I do with all the questions you guys ask me so that I don’t go about feeding you poison. This is one question I had not specifically answered for myself. I also had not asked it. I just followed. I saw it on blogs and vlogs and tried it on my hair. It worked and so I continued to use a T-shirt instead of a towel to bloat out excess water from my hair after washing. It was working very well and I was not even bothered to find out why this is so. Thanks Mapule for asking the question. You helped me to go back to researching and finding out more on this practice that so many in the natural, curly, kinky world have adopted.

Let me start from the basics in case you have not heard. It is bad hair practice to rub anything on your wet hair in an attempt to dry it after washing. Rubbing will give you split ends and out the door go your length retention dreams. Instead, gently squeezing the excess water out is the thing to do. This can be achieved by wrapping whatever you are using to bloat the excess water on your hair and waiting for about 15 to 20 minutes while the water slowly seeps out. And, an even better practice is to use a T-shirt. I can hear someone say “Come on, what do you mean? A T-shirt?” Yes the good old T-shirt. But wait let me explain… Continue reading

#HTL Hair Challenge Week 4 & 5 Update

hav2 (800x533) (2)

As mentioned before, protective styling is going to be a big part of my #HTL hair challenge. And to this I thought of experimenting with Havana twists. And guess what, I have had to throw in a little disclaimer every time people comment about how much my hair has grown. I sometimes tell myself that next I will let them be but somehow it just bursts out of my mouth involuntarily. I just find myself saying “This is not all my hair. It’s synthetic.” Yes I finally managed to get some Havana twists installed and I love them. This is …. Continue reading

Moisturising Type 4 hair. The LOC Method


You keep moisturising your hair but somehow it just feels dry and there seems to be no end to dry hair days. You have all the products the bloggers, vloggers and frinds are raving about but for you, nothing seems to be getting to your thirsty strands. You have stopped using all the products that have been demonized by the Natural hair community but there seems to be no change on what you see on yours. You are frustrated and rightfully so, at your crown that just seems to have a mind of its own and is evidently rebelling against you the carer and wearer. Stop there! Are you using those products well? You see type 4 hair can be very porous and so retaining the much needed moisture will need more tactic and science. One of the tactics you can use to arm twist your strands to hold on to moisture (water) as long as possible is the LOC method.  Continue reading

#HTL Hair Challenge Week 3 Update

Snapshot 1 (4-7-2014 12-35 PM)

The twists only lived to see their second week and I was done. Removed them because they were looking so untidy I don’t believe in looking all untidy and ugly just because I wear my hair natural. No ma’am. So they had to go and I took them out.

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Q&A: Hair Regimen

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Got a number of questions from a reader of this blog via email. I get quite a lot of them and I found it useful to address the issues here in case someone has the exact same question/s as the ones she asked. We are going to call her Gloria for now because I did not get permission to use her name.

So the mail starts like this:

Gloria: Hope you are keeping well, I was just watching your videos on the garlic treatment and on the TLH challenge – and I have a question for you- so right now I’m trying to keep as natural as I can because I’ve lost some hair before (around December 2013) and I just want my hair back! so my regimen looks like this. Every week (I try) to wash it Saturdays, usually if I can I use a mix of oil and water (olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil + glycerine) as a pre-poo, and wear a shower cap over and a woollen hat then I sleep and wash it out the next morning. Continue reading

#HTL Hair Challenge Week 2 Update

March 2014

I know it is well over two weeks if not three and I should be writing week three and four updates already. This is what happens when you have a full time job besides blogging, you run a small business, you are a mother, wife and final year university student. Busy. Better late than never right so here it is. You will notice from the Week 1 Update, that my hair is in mini twists. It it a protective style of choice for me and the main reason why I like the mini twists is because they are easy to do and undo. I washed my twists twice this week because my scalp was itching so much and I just had to. You know when you just can’t scratch any more without bleeding? Yeah that is what it felt like. I am not really sure if my dandruff problem is really just dandruff or psoriasis. I know I have a problem with yeast overgrowth which I try to control by avoiding sugary stuff and processed starches. All along, I have always believed that is what causes my flaky itchy scalp. But somehow, the dandruff remedies I use only seem to work for a few weeks or months and I am back to square one. Or is it because my scalp is hyper sensitive and gets easily irritated? I made a slight change to my scalp treatment and my scalp was itching non stop. I could not help but scratch and then it became so sore making me turn to washing my hair to get some relief. I think it is time to get a proper diagnosis. Continue reading

Garlic And Coconut Oil Scalp Treatment

I know it seems garlic has taken over everything around here. All I seem to talk about is garlic and garlic and some more garlic. Well because it is a wonderful vegetable and it really does work. I have used it on every wash day which is every week for the past 3 months and I can sure see some thickness and massive hair growth already. So why would I keep such good news to myself? Me being me, I want  to shout about it on the roof top so that anyone who bothers to listen may know the wonders of garlic on hair growth. That aside, for it is not the purpose of this post. I just wanted to share with you this video on how I prepare my garlic and coconut oil scalp treatment and I also show you how I apply it to my hair. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the video with your friends if you find it useful

Many blessings to you and yours.

Garlic Treatment For Hair Loss

imagesSo, you may now know that garlic scalp treatment has become my new favourite and I now use it on every wash day in one form or another. Late in 2013, I noticed I had lost a lot of hair due to excessive shedding and I blamed it all on Post partum shedding and this was mainly along the nape and temple of my head. But, somehow I noticed that I was losing quite a lot of hair on my crown as well. Let me confess. I was always scratching on this spot and it is all because it felt itchy and when it is itchy you scratch right. Well that left me with a scalp that was highly inflamed and I started losing hair. Not sure if the itch was due to dandruff or just inflammation due to some other causes. So I read on numerous sites on natural remedies to treat the scalp so that I can arrest excessive hair shedding and grow healthier hair. Remember, I am on a Healthy, Thicker, Longer #HTL Hair Challenge. Garlic was the first I thought of trying out and I have been using it for about 3 months now and I can already see a lot of new growth. Garlic being the main thing I have changed in my scalp regimen, I can only attribute the new growth to it. Let me dwell more on how it works on the scalp to produce more hair. Continue reading