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Life Update. Doing What I Can.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Yes! I also feel like a visitor here. Is this my blog? Am I the main writer here? Then why didn’t someone tell me so? My life has been a whirlwind this year and as much as I longed to write and tell you all about it, it is not exactly all about hair so I held back. Sometimes, I must admit, I had something to write about hair but time did not allow me to. So I didn’t.


We bought an old house in 2017 and almost every year, we try and do something small or big to improve it a bit. To make it more modern and to our liking as well. For starters, we turned the 3 lock up garage into a salon and office space the very first year we moved in. We have also added an ensuite bathroom in our main bedroom, and this year, rather started in December 2021, we were working on our kitchen. Me being the project manager and owner, I was all over the place and I must say, renovating is no child’s play. Almost every time I say I will never do it again.

Renovating our Kitchen. Phase by phase. Our biggest mistake.

I finally opened a second branch of Nashe Hair Studio in Randburg. That has been something as well because it kept me so busy trying to settle and get everything in place. I was very fortunate though because we moved in to a space that was already used as a salon. We did not have too many set up costs and we hit the ground running. Which was awesome.

The place is closer to Honeydew and Fourways but is in Randburg according to the map. So, if you are closer to 570 Honeydew Road West Randburg, please do pay us a visit. And also thanking you for your continued support for Nashe. You guys, my customers/clients have been the best.

And guess what? I have been married for 20 years now. Wow! that makes me feel so old. Anyways, this April we celebrated 20 years of being married and my husband surprised me with an anniversary dinner and a weekend away. It was amazing. First of all, the mystery involved in the whole process, something I never thought my husband is capable of. And I was pleasantly surprised by the kids coming to our anniversary dinner. It was another level. God really favoured me big by giving me this guy.

There’s a lot happening and this is just the big ones. Some sad stuff as well which really pained my heart. I just heard the passing on of a great family friend and brother in Rwanda this morning. So so sad. I suppose death is part of life but what pains me more is when it is so unexpected on a young man like him. Actually, the police in Rwanda have taken it as a crime. So many questions in my head right now.

Enough about what is happening in my life. Also let me know what is happening in yours in the comments below. Till then. Stay blessed.


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