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December Break, Back to work

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey loves, I hope you are well, I hope you are doing great and for those of you still on holiday, well, we can’t wait for you to be back. I know you don’t want to come back to work and still want to rest a bit more. But come anyway. Ha ha ha. I started work on the 3rd so I’m already in the swing of things. And these holidays were like so awesome for me you guys. I did not do a lot of resting though, like come on, if your kids are with you, there’s no resting there right? But fun was had and I enjoyed big time. This time our holiday destination was Zimbabwe. I mean, after the political changes there late in 2017, we just felt the urge to go as a family. At first we only sent our kids, earlier in December, and we had no kids around for about 3 weeks. Talk of home life bliss. I missed them but it was amazing to take a break from all the noise and endless issues siblings fight over. We only followed them just before Christmas, to face the most horrible backlog at Beitbridge border post. Took us 18 hours to get to our destination and we were so tired I was dozing off at every opportunity.

Christmas day with family

New years eve with family


We visited relatives mainly, not much time for visiting friends especially if travelling as a family. It was awesome to see our family you guys and I know it’s something that those who live in close proximity to their family take for granted. We only get to see family about once a year unless they visit us or something drastic has happened. Even sending kids away for the weekend does not just happen. Or for school holidays. Nope. So we have our kids all year round and when we go on holiday, we go together and come back together and all. Which is tiring to say the least. So, visiting family is so treasured and every moment enjoyed.

We also decided to do some Zimbabwe tourism. Not much, just as our pockets allowed us. You know, living within our means and not overspending in December. So, we went to Chinhoyi Caves. I have been to this tourist destination before when I was younger but we wanted to show our kids as well. So that when they remember Zimbabwe, they should also know the magnificent destinations there. Going down the slopes to see the very deep pool at the base of the cave was some good exercise as well. I mean I needed is so much with all the rich food that I was freely helping myself to throughout our stay.

When your phone takes great pictures, the filters are so in agreement with the scene, you love photography, you’re being a tourist and your hubby is so photogenic.
#photography #chinhoyicaves


Also went to Chivi, must say for the first time for all of us to go there. It is the rural home of my sister in law, maiguru, wife to hubby’s brother. The welcome we got was so heart warming and almost made us forget the hills and valleys our small car had to maneuver to get there. Many a time, we had to disembark the car and leave the driver alone just to make it lighter on load and allow it to go through some difficult rocks or dips. The bridges were so low in many places or missing altogether. We prayed so hard that it would not rain overnight or else we would be stuck there for a good day or 2 or until we could actually cross the many rivers we had passed.

My husband was like, “I wish we could call for an uber lift that could just lift the car with us inside from where it is parked now to the tarred road.” And my eldest son went, “I actually wish to be dropped at home in Johannesburg, not by the tar.” The horror of having to go back knowing how our car struggled to get there was just too much. There are no real roads most of the way, just the open veld and some wider and more prominent paths where carts, people and animals frequent. We saw other cars there as well but they were bakkies or pick up trucks that do not have much problems moving around the rough terrain. We thank God it didn’t rain overnight and we managed to get back to the tar, using another route which was better but longer which presented another problem. We needed to find fuel before we got to the next town. Although we hovwe 30 litres of fuel in the tank, the about 10 kilometer journey to the homestead and then another 10 kilometer plus back had left us on near empty. Our prayers were answered once again and we found fuel at Mandamabwe for those who this route.

With my in-laws in Chivi

Having home made bread with great tea in Chivi

We all slept in one room and my kids loved it. We always chase them from our bedroom at night so this was like WOW!

This was by the far the most eventful part of our stay in Zimbabwe. Our kids were running all over the open grazing fields, touched the goats and went with the men at the homestead to prepare the cows for tilling the fields. We had homemade bread for breakfast and the tea was so rich with a lot of milk if I had stayed there another day, I would need to walk all the way back to the tarred road for I would make the car so heavy. I didn’t weigh myself after this trip but I am sure I gained some significant weight. It was really good to visit the rural areas and to see our in-laws though and I would do it again anytime, with better transport though.

Well, I’m back at work now and the kids will be back in school soon and the routine of Johannesburg life. I am excited about 2018. Look I get excited every beginning of year. As much as I know I can start something any time, but end of year, holidays and changing that date and diary from the one I was using in 2017 to the one that actually has 2018 on brings some sort of excitement. New year, new goals, or the same goals but new milestones to reach. I am going to be studying again this year. Doing my level 5 in Procurement and Supply (CIPS) I took 2017 off but I need to get on with it this year. I missed studying as well. Although I was so busy I have no idea where 2017 went to. I will¬† still be working at Natural Moisture. Nashe Hair Studio which was previously just known as Natural Moisture Hair Studio is still going strong. And if you’re close by, please do visit us for some natural pampering. I will still be blogging here as well. I think if I didn’t blog, I would go mad. I need this blog you guys, where I can just share stuff, write nonsense sometimes and just be me. I know how this blog has helped a lot of people as well and for that, I will do anything to keep blogging. Less of product reviews though especially hair products. I mean, it just defeats the whole purpose sometimes because some of the products I am asked to review are so full of filler ingredients I don’t even want to put them on my hair even if I’m paid to do that. So, I may review other stuff but not hair products.

Wow, what a long post. I promise, I wont do it again. But if you have read this far. Thank you so much for reading and if you are not subscribed to my newsletter, please do so that you don’t miss any of my posts. Until then, here is to a blissful 2018 and beyond and may God bless the work of your hands or just your effort (in case you don’t have hands). Keep smiling, it makes you look prettier.

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