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My Current Facial Routine

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


Clear skin

I have had a lot of questions concerning my skin especially on my face and I thought of letting you in on what I do as far as keeping my skin supple and healthy is concerned. I also wanted to write about some products which were gifted me recently and I have been using them for a couple of months now. So, besides my usual routine, there are new kids on the block.

Daily cleansing.

I cleanse my face with black soap and water every morning. I don’t scrub my face daily. I use my fingers to spread the soap and massage my skin and then rinse off. African Black soap can be quite drying to the face, so I make a liquid soap from the bar that is sold at Natural Moisture to make the concentration of the soap to my liking. So, 200g makes 1.5 litres for my face. I then pat dry my face with my drying towel and that’s it. I am still using Nivea perfect & radiant facial day cream on  my face. It has SPF 15 so that is enough for me. That’s all for my morning routine.

African black soap

Nivea Perfect & Radiant

Daily night routine.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t wash my face at all at night. But when I do, which is quite often, I wash with water only which is basically just rinsing or I will use black soap again. If there’s any make-up to remove, then I will thoroughly wipe my face with the Nivea wipes then wash my face with the Nivea cleansing milk. I will then dab a bit of castor oil with grape seed oil on my face. That’s it. No big deal here.

Deep Cleansing

This happens once a week, normally on my day off so that I can take all the time I need to attend to my facial skin. Sometimes I use black soap to exfoliate my face gently with an exfoliating glove. However, I mainly use bentonite clay on my weekly deep cleansing sessions. I love cleansing with clay especially when it is getting dry and I can feel my skin stretching just before I wash it off. Not sure though if that is good for my skin but I love it. Makes me feel good that I am taking care of my skin and getting rid of all the toxins on my face. Anywho, last year, at the Loreal function, besides the Natural Moisture bonnets and the new range products they were launching, there were clay cleansers in the goodie bag which I was so glad to have and try out. You know me, I like things. I don’t really use the pure clay detox wash regulary, maybe I will use it when the pure clay detox mask is finished which has become a regular with my weekly routine and I’ve grown to love. I then tone my face using the Nivea refreshing toner for normal and combination skin and then moisturise with the usual Nivea perfect & radiant facial cream.

Most days, especially when it’s hot and dry, I give my face an extra boost on moisture. I spray my face and neck with the Eco Diva liquid vitamin hydra mist which has a calming effect and just showers my face with coolness and makes it glow the whole day. I was also sent the hydra mist towards the end of last year to try out and I love it. It has a cool scent that even calms my thoughts every time I spray it. That concludes my facial routine. Nothing too complicated ne?

Hydrating Mist

And guess what, Eco Diva are actually running a promotion for the month of February. From 26 January to 15 February, they have all items on sale with 25% off. How awesome is that. Now, they did not tell me to tell you this in case you think this post is an advert for them. However, they gave me the hydra mist, I tried it and I like it and I think you will like it too and when I saw that their products were on sale, I was like, “let me do this post very quickly so that you can also benefit from this sale.” I am a sale kind of girl. I buy most of my stuff when they’re on sale. SO get shopping at the Eco Diva Store

You guys, I just received my order, some cute shoes from Zando which I only paid R12.30 for. You can check them out on my Instagram, @evemafupa. If you want me to show you how, let me know.

Until then, enjoy your day and God bless you and your loved ones. Happiness is a choice. Make that choice.




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