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Clothing Haul on Natural Sisters

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

The quality, you guys, I am so wowed by the quality. Remember I did a feature here on Superbalist and I was sharing what I would wear for the office from their site? Well, they were kind enough to send me a voucher so I could get the clothes I wanted. I did get the clothes but…

I struggled to get those same clothes I shared in my size. I was quite disappointed by that hey! So, instead, I ended up getting clothes for the whole family with the R3k voucher they gave me. I only topped it up with R32. As much as the clothes on Superbalist are not on the cheap side, their quality is not cheap either. I would say, they are affordable, and you will see in the video the amount of clothes I managed to get with R3032.00. I was so wowed by the quality specially, that’s why I decided to do a video. Trust me, they did not ask me to do it for them so this review here, is totally my honest thoughts on their product. I will leave you to watch the video and please subscribe if you are not already. Thumbs up the video if you want me to do more videos like this one. Thanks for coming by. God bless you more this Easter.

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