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A protective Style on a Budget

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey! Hey! It’s the festive season and our hair, well my hair and a lot of people who have been visiting my Salon in the past days, also goes festive. The colour, the style and everything needs to reflect the season we are in. Right? I know, your budget may not allow for a lot of play when it comes to funky hairstyles and you may be feeling down and out. Well, don’t be. Come out to play. There is a lot that can be done with a limited budget. With just R80 or less, you can create this hairstyle too. If you have the crochet hook and thread of course. If you don’t have a crochet hook, a bobby pin will do as well. I’m not kidding. I did a video tutorial using a bobby pin to do crochet braids some moons back and you may want to watch it. Otherwise, get yourself a crochet hook. It’s not too costly. Get it here.

One million braid

In the video, I used just under 2 packs of Darling hair in colour T30 and that will cost you  way less than R80 if you get it yourself from the shops and not from a hair salon. If at a hair salon, prices may vary. That’s also part of where they get their profit from. Sourcing hair for clients. You are going to need a bit of time as well to prepare the hair and do the installation. In total, about 4 hours. But, you’re probably on holiday anyway and that should not be a problem.

So, here is the process. I braided the straight one million Darling braid and then put it in hot water so that it could curl according to the braid. I then dried it and unravelled the braid to release some amazing curls and crocheted the curly hair to my natural hair. Viola. Watch the video. It is very visual and more step by step than I can ever be able to explain.


If I don’t get to writing/blogging again before Christmas, well, Merry Christmas and a blessed 2020 to you. Oh my God, it is already 2020. I remember back in the days in college, when we used to think 2020 is so far ahead and made goals that should be realised by year 2020. Well, it’s here. And I hope you will have a great one. Love you and may God bless you richly. Watch the video. Subscribe if you haven’t already and also leave me a comment. I will greatly appreciate that. Until next time, hugs.

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