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Learn how to flat twist with inverted bun

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Learning a new skill is always good. What’s even better is when that skill can actually put food on your table or just earn you that extra cash so that you can get that project finally started. For me, doing hair has been my source of income for so many years. Okay, I didn’t exactly get paid when I did hair when I was still in primary school. But all the same, I have been doing hair for a long time. When I was in college, I was in residence at the college, I would spend most of my weekends doing hair. That kept me away from mischief and I never ran out of cash as much as my clients were mostly cash strapped college girls. Those were the good old days.

flat twists on natural hair

In this post, I am showing you how to do a flat twist on natural hair. Flat twists with your own hair are the best protective style there is no matter how you look at it. when it comes to the health of the hair and scalp at least. They can also look cute and if you have the length and volume, you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to styles. There is no pulling of the hair, there is no tension on the hairline or scalp, so no inflammation of the scalp, the hair is tucked away and yet it is kept stretched to make sure single strand knots are kept at bay. Which other protective style ticks all the boxes like that?

Flat Twists with extensions

Actually, when recovering from a receding hairline due to traction alopecia, this is the best hairstyle to wear. So make sure to ask your stylist to do flat twists if you are trying to grow your hairline.

This is a very easy hairstyle actually especially if you are not adding any hair extensions. I always work on wet hair. Guys! there is no need to blow dry the hair just to do a hairstyle like this. For the sake of the health of the hair, work on damp hair.

If you can do 2 strand twists, then learning to do flat twists will be easier for you. Because, the flat twist version is actually just picking up hair along  the section as you twist. How you are going to be hold the hair as well will be just a bit different. Check the video below on how I hold the hair. This allows for an effortless picking of the hair as you go along.


And yes, it becomes better the more you practice. You know you can get a practice head for under R100 in Jo’burg? Okay, it will not have a lot of hair on it and the hair will also be very straight and synthetic. But for the purpose of learning different hairstyles, you can start there before you can afford to get one that has a curlier texture and easier to learn African hairstyles on. Of course it comes at a heftier price.

For real beginners, concentrate only on doing a 2 strand twist while picking up hair as you go along a section. Do not worry about how tight or loose it is. Even how neat it is. Once you master how your fingers are going to be moving and working together to do the flat twist, then you can work on making it tighter and neater. I promise, you will get the grip of it with time. I did too.

flat twists on natural hair

Tips on how to flat twist well.

  • Find the direction that you are comfortable to twist in and stick to it. Rather work on perfecting that.
  • Make sure you are working on well detangled hair so that you don’t run into any snags or knots along a section.
  • keep the sections small until you master the technique
  • Keep your parts neat and clean. Use a gel or edge tamer if you need to
  • Practice, practice, practice. That’s the best way to better your craft.

Is there a hairstyle that you would like to learn? I may know how to do it. So, let me know in the comments below and I will see if I can do that for you. If I can’t, I may point you in the direction where you can get help.

I am also running Natural Hair Care workshops and Braiding classes at my salon. If you would be interested in learning, make sure to follow me on Instagram, @evemafupa where I will be posting the dates and more details.

Till next time, stay blessed.

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