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Braid Hairstyles For December Holidays

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

This December has proved to be colourful again when it comes to hairstyles. And braids never disappoint. Everyone can do colour. From school kids who are now on holiday and the older conservative woman who has always stayed in the comfortable zone of her natural hair colour. Here are some braid hairstyles that one a can do this holiday season.


Full on colour.

Rainbow braids, colourful braids, holiday hairstyles

These rainbow colours are people’s fav these holidays The number of requests we have had in the Beauty Studio for these colours. The only downside is availability. Were available at Supermelanin but they too have run out of stock. These colours just say “HERE I AM” yes in bold. They are bold and playful.

Ombre braids


Can someone say “OMBRE” Wow! Ombre braids or extensions just make hair braiding amazing. If you don’t agree, you have not tried these ones.

Colourful braids, holiday braids, Ombre braids

The subtle ombre which is a mixture of colour 1 and 30 or colour 1 and 39 are best suited for those

Holiday braids, Ombre braid ideas

who are not so used to colour and want to try it out or want to still keep that professional look because these also speak the language of business. Not kidding. When done really well, the subtle ombre colours really come out to do business.

Have you seen the pink, purple, orange and green ombre colours? I always thought they were a reserve for the younger generation but guess what? Anyone can do these and they look stunning. Just look at the photos below

Highlights in braids

Not a fan of ombre braids (though I don’t understand how that is even possible) you can still use different colours for your braids. A common choice is colour 27 or 30, mixed with platinum white. It looks amazing.

More Holiday Braids Ideas

Box braids

Box braids

green short bob braids

Goddess braids

Gentle reminder,

How to get the best from your braids

  • When you do your braids, make sure they are not too small. The bigger the sections the better so that you don’t cause unnecessary tension on your scalp.
  • Tension alopecia is real. Don’t have them braided too tight either. If your hair stylist can only braid tight, it’s high time you went scouting for another one. No need to lose sleep over a hairstyle.
  • Styling your braids all the time or too tight may also lead to braids pulling out or tension alopecia. Avoid it by all means.
  • Moisturise and moisturise your hair when in braids. This will take care of your actual hair.
  • Take care of your scalp as well. Keep it fresh and free from dandruff. That way, you will not be scratching your scalp which will definitely irritate your scalp and may also lead to hair loss.
  • Lastly, don’t keep those braids for too long. After 4 weeks, you need to start thinking of taking them out. If you go to 8 weeks, that is the maximum. It’s time.

Happy holidays and always remember what they are all about. Show some love, compassion, and care to those around you. Your friends and family and even random strangers. They say an act of kindness is contagious. It only starts with one person and goes on like a wildfire. It also takes one lousy person to stop that fire by pouring water on it. Be the one to start the fire of love. And don’t be a fireman who douses love with hate. Add some fuel on it rather and let it burn on.



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