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African Threading with Marley Hair & Chebe butter

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

So, you can’t do twists on your own but African threading is your thing? I got you covered.This hairstyle indeed involves some braiding and twisting but it is done on the natural hair. The hair extension, in this case Marley hair, is then crocheted into the hair. So, no problems with braiding with extension which can be a challenge for a lot of people. The hair and extension is then wrapped using yarn and viola, a protective style that will get some people confused if it is your hair or not. Go on, watch the video and you will see how simple it is.

I started off with stretched hair. However, any condition of  hair is great. Any length as well. As long as you have enough length to do the initial braid to crochet the hair extension. I also applied some Chebe butter which I have been trying out for some time.  I’m happy to report that, after 3 weeks when I removed the hair style, my hair felt smooth and very soft. Very little breakage of the hair as well. So, I’m loving the Chebe butter and very soon it will be available online for those no so DIY girls or who want a one process application of a product.

I find that, this hairstyle was really the best when applying Chebe to my hair because, the small pieces of Chebe powder where not visible at all after my hair was done. So, I could slap on as much as I wanted without the fear that I will be asked a few questions by people I meet wanting to know what was on my hair. I will surely do this hairstyle again and my hair pomade of choice will definitely be the Chebe butter.

For the Marley hair, I used old Brown & Ayo Marley hair. Did you know you can use Marley hair over and over again? Yeah, it’s true. You can use it for different things as well. You just need to wash it and condition it to freshen it up a bit. Otherwise, it’s an asset to a naturalista who is into hair extensions. I have used mine over 5 times already. Call me skimpy, I don’t mind. I’ve got kids to feed hey! Every cent counts.

I stayed with this hairstyle for over 3 weeks and I even styled it like dreadlocks at some point. So, really, there is not limit on how long you can keep this hairstyle for. Just make sure your hair doesn’t lock. Unless that’s your plan, to transition into real locks. I enjoyed this hairstyle shame. Too much.

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