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Black Friday Specials

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I have been going around in circles for some weeks now, trying to get content out for the much awaited black Friday sale and it seems I am not winning much. So, now, I just decided to put all the information here. This will be taken down after some time. Somehow, Instagram and Facebook, my main advertising social platforms are giving me the run around. I don’t seem to know what they need anymore. Some of my content was even taken down and rejected for promotion because apparently it has violations of their advertising policy. When I look at the policy, my advert has violated none of them. So, eish. Enough of my frustrations.

Yes, Natural Moisture is running some specials this Black Friday and it will be until 2 Dec 2019. Everything is marked down so make sure to check our online shop for great deals. Below I’ve put some of the specials that you can expect and many more. You can also buy Hair care vouchers that can be redeemed at Nashe Hair Studio. So get shopping and get saving. I also shop online and those who know me, I am a real sucker for specials. Every cent counts remember. So, please tag me on any specials that you may find. My handle is @evemafupa on Instagram and Twitter. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend.

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