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How to Blend a Wig for Shorter Foreheads

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hello beautiful people. I hope you are well and a blessed 2021 to you and yours. I hope you are staying safe, observing the protective measures to make sure we and our loved ones are somewhat protected.

What a way to start the new year. But I am optimistic and so you should be. We may be at war but we will surely win in the end.

This year, well, I decided to give braids or twists with extensions a break. So, I will only braid or twist my own hair. No extensions added. I have no problems with extensions, believe me. I am just taking a year-long break.

However, I am not taking a break from pom poms, wigs or ponytails that include extra hair added. I could never do that because I love my wigs. Or maybe just not yet. That could be a challenge for another time. For now, let’s tackle this one.

So today, besides just coming here to wish you a blessed year ahead, I am going to show you how I blend this wig with my natural hair.

I normally leave out some hair because my hairline is quite close to my brows and even if it has a 3-way closure, it does not do much for me because I really can’t wear it,

like this…

short Forehead, Wrong way to wear a wig

or like this?

Wrong way to wear a wig

So, leaving out some of my natural hair works better for me.

Now, leaving out hair is also tricky so that you don’t become a United Nations on your head. Here are some tips for blending a wig properly.

  • You need to make sure that the texture of your wig is very close to the texture of your hair. That is why I love this kinky textured wig because when combed out, it looks quite close to the texture of my hair.
  • The colour needs to match with the colour of your hair as well. My wig was dark brown originally. So, I had to dye it black in a way that it resembles my hair. I used Love my hair black hair dye but I made the consistency of the dye very runny such that it did not attach very well to all the strands. That gave it a dark brown to black colour or let me say the black is not well defined.

So, as to how I blend my natural hair with a kinky Brazilian hair wig, here are the steps

  • Make sure the hair is laying flat or somewhat flat if you are using curly or coily hair. The bumps will not show on curly hair really.
  • Wear a wig cap to cover your hair. I seldom do though. My wigs are sewn on a wig cap so I just feel as if I’m wearing 2 caps.
  • Make sure your leave out hair is not under the cap and then wear your wig.
  • Clip or pin the wig to secure it. You don’t want dramatic accidents.
  • Part your hair together with the wig and the brush the hair together to blend.

That’s it. No fuss, no stress. You need to watch the video for more.

The results.

Correct way to blend natural hair with a wig

Correct way to blend natural hair with a wig

A lot of people been thinking it’s my actual hair and I love that when wearing fake hair. It means I would have succeed in blending with the fake hair until it looks like mine. Job well done.

Do you have a small forehead and always struggle when you wear a wig? Or you know someone who struggles with their wig game? Share this post or the video and help a sister out.

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I will see you in the next one. God bless you.

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