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Making my own clothes

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

If you know me, you will know that I do quite a lot of things. And that includes making my own clothes. In fact, I started making my own clothes since I was in primary school. Although they banned needle work, for so we called it back in the day, at my primary school because it was thought to be beneath the image the school wanted to portray, my friend and I managed to convince the teacher who used to take that extra mural with us to still continue the classes in her store room,  behind the principle’s back. So, my love for creating, designing, art in general started a few decades ago.

Here are but a few designs I have done.

Checkered skirt and waist coat

African print shorts and blouse

dusty pink wrap over blouse and tiered skirt

Navy blue coat with African print trimming

Black lace dress and blue outfit

So, on Saturdays, when I’m not in the salon, I will be either cutting up something or sewing it up. To sew up something really nice, I still use patterns and I normally buy those. Tweak the design a bit to create something that really speaks my language. However, as may be aware, most patterns are designed with the typical woman in mind. But I’m no typical woman when it comes to my body shape. I mean, I have to alter most clothes I buy from the shops as long as they are not made from stretchy fabric. Because, if the waist fits perfectly, then the hips don’t fit. And when the bust fits perfectly, my arms don’t fit. So, I end up either wearing oversized clothes or alter them to fit me well.

I am so glad I found Fayma, where I just entert my actual measurements so that the pattern is exactly what will fit me perfectly in my not so typical body shape. If you are into making your own clothes, Fayma has you covered. You just buy the pattern according to the image on the website, download the app and input your measurements and then print out your pattern. How cool is that?

So, I partnered with Fayma so you could give this cool app a try. Although the patterns are super affordable, because you print them out yourself, you also get 50% off your first purchase. As if that is not enough, any purchase after that, you will get a 10% discount by using the discount code, EVE10.

I hope this will get you started on your sewing project. If you try this app, please share your work and tag me on social media so I can also see what you have created.

Otherwise, love, peace and joy to you and yours. God bless you.

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