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A Clip on Ponytail | How to.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

There’s a girl that comes to the shop to buy some products and she has very beautiful hairstyles. Easy, after wash hairstyles that allow her to literally wash and go. What she uses to make them look chic, a clip on ponytail. Instead of doing my usual, ponytail holder method of attaching an Afro textured ponytail on my sleeked hair, I had always wanted to make a clip on ponytail and just couldn’t find the time to do it. When one of the ladies in the salon offered to assist, I was overjoyed. And we did it. This is the same clip on ponytail that I used in the Valentine post that I did recently.

Afro textured Ponytail

I used the Darling hair Curly kinky hair piece that is so close to stretched kinky hair it is so scary. A lot of people could not even differentiate between my hair and the clip on. Not joking. Check out the picture above. The front is my real hair. How does it compare with the ponytail?

I made the ponytail cap myself from fabric I bought locally. You can try and look for a real ponytail cap though. I just could not find any, that’s why I decided to make it. The hair was crocheted on to the cap and the process took about an hour. An easy and very fast process. If you would like to learn how to do that, make sure to watch the video. Please do show me some kindness, thumbs up the video and subscribe if you’re not already Until then, God bless you.

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