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Bentonite clay wash, Step by Step

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

You know it is important to do treatments even on natural hair right? Like your protein treatments, deep conditioning, Henna treatments, clay treatments right? Trust me, I have a treatment up my sleeve for anything that my hair needs. And I range from Mayonnaise and egg in the fridge to bought products and I just do it all you guys. Well today, I wanted to share with you what I do when doing a bentonite clay treatment from mixing the clay to applying it on my hair. The reason why I did the bentonite clay treatment was mainly to detangle my hair since I had just removed braids which I had on for almost 5 weeks. And trust me, Bentonite clay melts all knots and tangles away just like that. It is really the best product when it comes to detangling my hair after a long term protective style.

What I used.

A jug for the water and later for the mixed clay

A blender bottle to blend everything together

400 ml of room temperature, previously boiled water

3 Tbs Bentonite clay

2 TBS Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tbs Olive oil

Thats all I used guys. That simple. I put everything in the blender bottle, made sure the cap is tight and then shook the bottle vigorously for about 30 seconds really. Bentonite clay has never been that simple to mix. Yeah. 30 Seconds is all it took. I poured the mixture into another jug and voila, my smooth liquid goodness was ready to use.

I applied my bentonite clay on dry hair. My hair was in chunky twists which I did while undoing my braids. Please note, my hair was not detangled at all prior to the bentonite clay treatment. I knew I could get away with it though because I had done it before and really, I trust bentonite clay with my… knots and tangles. ha ha ha.

Anyways, the mixing, application and all is in the video and if you use bentonite clay already and was finding it hard to mix into a smooth paste, try out the blender bottle. You will not go wrong.

All the best lovelies and thanks for coming by. I trust 2017 is going on well so far. Just keep smiling, laughing and loving. I will too. God bless.


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Ntlantla 29 January 2017 - 05:08

I also used bentonite clay for the first time yesterday after taking off my braids. OMG mixing took forever. I’ll look for the blender bottle next time thanks for the tip.

Eve 18 July 2017 - 15:09

You can say that again. Mixing with a blender helps a big deal.

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