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How To Delay Wash Day When in a Protective Hairstyle.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Why would one want to delay that? Water is our friend right? Ummm, not so much when you are wearing a protective style and you have my type of hair which will just fray out when washed. So, yes, water is still my hair’s best friend but in moderation. No immersing, not dipping, no showering but just spraying. Hear me out.

I did these braids some 4 weeks ago. Now, before I would wash my hair weekly religiously. Not joking. I would. But, that meant my hair pulling out of the protective style, if I tie my braids at the back, you would think I have short hair and not see braids at all, after 2 weeks of having them in and already washed twice. There would be big gap between my scalp and where the braid starts, which many used to confuse with hair growth but I knew it was more of loose hair than hair growth.

A week old  bob box braids


I must confess, one of the reasons I used to wash my hair religiously was also because I had n choice. Many of you who have been following this blog for a while, know that I have been fighting running battles with dandruff for a very long time. So, it has been the custom to wash my hair weekly when in a protective style and 3 times a week when I have my hair out. Needless to say, for reasons mentioned earlier, this weekly hair washing has been working against me as far as keeping my protective style neater for longer.

4 weeks in bob box braids

This year though, I found a way of making sure my scalp does not flare up with dandruff, so I can stretch my wash days for longer while keeping my scalp fresh and my hair moisturised.

How I prepared my hair for a protective style.

In preparation to do these braids, I washed my hair with a dandruff shampoo. One that I have been trying for some time and will soon be for sale online. It has tea tree oil, peppermint, menthol and  Vitamin E which all help for a healthier scalp, free from dandruff.

I also did a protein treatment, under the steamer for stronger hair when my hair is in a protective style. I then had these short braids done, which are so cool because there is no need to tie them all the time, no unnecessary pulling, and they are heavy as well because there is very little extra hair on my head.

And for the maintenance, there are things I do weekly and those that I do daily to keep my hair hydrated and smelling relatively fresh since I have not washed my hair again since. And let me confess again, this is the longest I have kept a protective style in without re-doing the perimeter or something.

Weekly routine.

On Friday or Saturday, as I sit with family, watching a movie or just talking, I oil my scalp. That’s right. I apply a hair food on my scalp. This is not your normal hair food though. It’s also a power hair food that is packed with dandruff fighting stuff like tea tree oil, peppermint oil, sulphur, Shea butter and other really good stuff for a healthier scalp. I only apply this weekly because really, that’s all my scalp needs and it it is itch free and dandruff free.

Hair Grow Scalp balm

Daily routine.

When I shower, I don’t cover my hair with anything. I tie a high bun then hop into the shower. When I finish, I know that small droplets of water were deposited into my hair while taking the shower.

In the morning, depending on how my hair feels, I lightly spritz my hair and my scalp with the Nashe Organics daily spray.  Those who know this product swear by it for  healthy moisturised hair when in a protective style. It also leaves your scalp feeling fresh, revived and your hair moisturised.

Daily Moisturiser

At night, before bed, I repeat the spritzing with the Nashe Organics Daily Spray, and this time, I do it really well. Opening sections and really going on my scalp to spray and also the length of the hair. I still spray lightly though because, I don’t want the spray to start dripping down my forehead or neck. That will just be wastage of good stuff.

And I always cover my head with a satin scarf or bonnet when I go to sleep. That’s a must. And that’s all I do to my hair. After 4 weeks, my braids look decent, I don’t have any build-up, my scalp is free from dandruff, I am not itchy at all and all this after 4 weeks since I washed my hair.

How often do you wash your hair when in a protective style? Let me know in the comments. Otherwise, until then, God bless you big time.

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