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Protective Styling, Box Braids

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

These braids made life so much easier these past holidays. When I had them done, I didn’t know my daily phrase would be, “at least I have my hair in braids”. I said this to myself, my hubby and anyone who cared to listen literally every day.

Having my hair in this protective style allowed me to get away with minimum maintenance on my hair, could wash it as often as I needed, no shrinkage and most of all, my hair was protected all the time. When I went to Zimbabwe for a funeral, there was so much work and being a makoti, I needed to help as much as I could. Rather, the rest will be helping out and I had to work very hard. That meant no time to be doing hair daily. A spritz at night was all I could manage and even then, only some nights because on other nights, I would be so sleepy and the proceedings would end so late. Knowing I would need to wake up reasonably early to get going with the chores, getting some sleep would be number one priority.

At Moses Mabhida stadium

After that, my family and I went to the coast, Durban. My mum had come to visit and going to the coast had been the plan since July 2016. So we went down and boy, oh boy, I was so down with flue most of the time we were in Durban. The last 2 days were better though so I managed to get wet in the ocean. A few times a fell with the wave and got my head soaked in the salty sea water. Other times it was from the splashes. We had lot’s of fun hey. So I had to wash my hair the two days that I got my hair wet. That was not an issue because, having my hair in braids meant less time when washing my hair. What takes a lot of time when washing my hair is the whole process that follows to stretch the hair in twists or braids so that it stretches whilst it dries and the styling. So with braids in, that whole process is eliminated.

For someone who has dandruff issues, I still need to wash my hair when in a protective style. These braids allowed me to do that and let me give credit to Annie who did them for me. She did them so well such that, they were not slipping out of my actual hair.

I recorded the video below so I can share with you how I prepared my hair for braiding and how I maintained these braids. They lasted me almost 5 weeks and that’s very long according to my standard. I think I will be having braids done again really soon. I’m just giving my hair and scalp some time to rest. I will utilize other forms of protective styling in the mean time.


Do you like braids with extensions? Let me know in the comments and I will let you know why I now prefer braids to twists in another post soon.

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Girl, you gotta keep smiling, keep laughing and keep loving.

Hugs. Love you and God bless.

Some of the pics from our Durban trip.

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