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A sleek low bun for different hairstyles

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Since it is officially wedding season, I thought of creating this sleek low bun which can be worn for different occasions. So, not just for the wedding or end of year party but to work the next week and also on a date night or that evening gown event that you will be going to. A sleek low bun goes a very long way so that you are not spending your time on your hair but doing the things you love while looking chic and glamorous as if you go to the salon every 2 days.

The video is self explanatory and you will see all the tools and products I used. So, go ahead and watch it.  However, in this video, to keep it a reasonable length, I only included the step by step way of sleeking short type 4 hair down and one style which can be worn to work. You will love it.

I will posting part 2 of this video soon where I will show you the other two styles and this time I went the extra mile and changed the outfits and the make up as well. You will only see the top though but it really goes with the hairstyle. Make sure you give the video a thumbs up if it helped you in any way or you just like me nje. Give it a thumbs up. If you are not subscribed to my channel, make sure to subscribe so that you can see more of my content.

Otherwise, next time. May god bless you big time.

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