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Trending Natural Hairstyles This Spring at Nashe Hair Studio.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Working at Nashe Hair Studio has allowed me to see hairstyle trends in the natural hair space as they come and go. If you are bit in the rut and not sure what to do with your hair, here are some hairstyles that have been trending this spring at Nashe Hair Studio.

Half updo with added hair

The half updo with added hair has become a favourite at Nashe Hair Studio. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion, from bride, bridesmaid to wearing it to work or play. That is why it is so popular because one can wear it for that special occasion during the weekend and then still wear it to work the next week without any issues. It also offers some versatility in styling your hair, from letting it down as shown in the picture to bun or a roll and tuck hairstyles with the hair at the back. The added hair at the back is Marley hair which looks very close to natural hair when combed out. It can be done using any type of hair which will alter the outcome a little bit but still look cute.

Sleek bun

sleek low bun, bridal hairstyle

The sleek bun as well is so popular with our natural brides and bridesmaids. This hairstyle is also allows you to get the most out of a special occasion hairstyle in the following week. The low bun allows you to play around with hats and other traditional head wear if you will also be doing the traditional wedding soon after the white church wedding as is quite common in South Africa.

Vixen braids

You would swear this is all her hair. These are vixen braids done using the crochet method with some leave out hair. The styles one can get from vixen braids is so much. But, maintaining the leave out hair can be tasking. The leave out hair may shrink and not look too similar to your added Marley hair. So daily maintenance will be needed.

A short afro wig

That’s where using coily hair that resembles shrunken hair comes in very handy. This afro wig has become a favourite with a lot of Nashe Hair Studio clients. In this heat, emergency hair can’t be any kinder and cooler. Not touching the shoulders, not in your face and so light on the head you will even forget you have a wig on. This wig leaves a lot of people drooling, thinking it is your actual hair. When I wear this wig, I have a hard time convincing people it is a wig such that, sometimes I just receive the compliment and move on.

Medium braids with highlights

Medium braids

These braids with highlights and curled at the ends are trending as well. Made small enough for great movement and so that they are neither too heavy nor too hot for the wearer, these medium braids are so loved these days. Other people prefer them in one colour though and I think both ways, they are so so cute. My next hairstyle. I hope.

Marley twists

The curls can also be enjoyed on Marley twists. Gone are the days of just plain Marley twists. A lot of people are requesting some curls at the ends on either short or longer length Marley twists.

Spring twists

Last but not least, the spring twists. These are just coming in and they hit the road running. We often run out of stock of this hair because the moment we get stock, it just goes like that (fingers snapping). We are also in so much love with them.

What’s your favourite hairstyle? Is there more trending hairstyles this spring that I left out? Tell me about them in the comments. You can even leave a link so that I can check them out as well.

Until next time. Blessings to you and yours.

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