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Bob Faux Locs Tutorial | No Burning Method

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

So I’ve been dying to have these faux locs for some time now. Wasn’t I ecstatic when I finally had them done. Thanks to the ladies at Nashe Hair Studio who helped me out. I couldn’t have done these without them. Faux locs take a lot of time to do. There is a lot of wrapping going on and I was not about to put myself through that torture again, especially after spending 10 hours doing the faux locs with Brazilian wool that I did last year. So, I chose a day when they were not too busy and had my hair done. In the end, it took them about 4 hours to get done.

Of course I recorded some footage while doing the faux dreadlocks and that is what I am sharing in the video. So that you too can recreate this hairstyle or something similar at least. I also did a step by step tutorial towards the end of the video just to make your life easier. I preferred to use the no burn method because I wanted them to look a bit frizzy at the ends and look like closer to proper locks.

I love the colour I did these in so much. Used Durban Dread in colour 30 and this is my first time to actually do a hairstyle in this colour. And I love it. It actually suits my complexion I think. I’m just going to make it my colour. My son even suggested I colour my natural hair in this colour. What do you think? I am such a chicken when it comes to playing around with permanent colour on my hair. I think I will just stick with the temporary colour wax from the Coiled Crew. I seriously don’t want to end up with damaged hair after dying my hair a lighter shade. I can go darker. Lighter, ummmm, ngiyasaba.

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