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Needle & Thread Flat Twist Tutorial

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Alright. I don’t know what happened there seriously. I posted a video on YouTube and never got to let you guys know that there is a new video on my channel. How could I? I think the more you need to subscribe and turn on the notifications so that you don’t miss any videos I upload from now. But I will also try my best not to let life get in the way and always follow protocol. Who said running 3 businesses while being a mom and wife is easy? That’s why I am a woman right. I have the WOMAN super power. But eish, even when you have super powers, somethings slip in the cracks of your duties. Ngiyaxolisa.

So, back to the video, it was actually requested by some of you. That’s the reason I did it. In the video, I show you how I did a flat twist look alike using a needle and thread and I also used some added hair or hair extensions so that her flat twists look fuller and the hang at the back of her hair is longer. I had never done a flat twist using a needle and thread with added hair extension to it. So, I was figuring it out as I went along. It came out really nice and I am glad I recorded it even the first time doing it because we learn the lessons together.

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I have done the hairstyle on very short hair at the salon, Nashe Hair Studio before and numerous times before then, growing up as an African child who knows to do hair. It was a style used when the hair is extremely short and you still want it plaited. Maybe you are a bride’s maid, flower girl at a wedding, or you went to a school that insisted on short hair even for the girls and you want some form of hairstyle for the holidays. Needle and thread hairstyles were a go to style for you. Otherwise, you’ll be told to grow your hair a little bit more for any other style. Of course it can also be done on longer hair and if you would like to give this method a go, check out the video.

Need and thread flat twists on very short hair

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