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Brazilian Wool Faux Locs Maintenance, + Night Routine

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa
faux locs maintenance
faux locs maintenance

faux locs maintenance

Maintaining a protective style like faux locs can be quite challenging especially if they are bulky and  it’s a first time like my case. After having the faux locs for over two weeks, I had developed a plan or a routine kind of and I was really getting along with my locs. I loved them so much and I had to make things works between us so I could keep them for as long.

faux locs maintenance

faux locs maintenance

In the video below, I show you how I take care of my scalp, a bit of styling, not a tutorial but just showing you how I styled them and how I wrapped the locs in a bonnet and a scarf for bed. The reason why I covered the locs completely for bed is so that they don’t pick up lint while I sleep. I was so determined to keep these locs for long considering the time it took me to install them so anything that would stand between me and neat locs was considered the enemy.

I spritzed my scalp and not my hair, or maybe just the roots and not the ends as is normally the case. That’s because my hair, my ends were wrapped in the wool so, taking care of my ends was impossible. The ingredients and method of making the spritzer I used this time, to make sure I won’t need to wash my hair for the duration of the protective style is in the description box so click to watch on YouTube so that you can get that as well. Hopefully that will finally get you to subscribe to my channel and also watch some more of my videos. 🙂

As long as you keep smiling, laughing and loving. God bless you while I do the same here.

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Eve 10 August 2017 - 17:44

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