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A Natural Sister: Hazel

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

They are real beauties in Africa and more so if that beauty is not distracted by so many unnecessary add ons. Then the real beauty  is given a chance to really shine and show its fullness. I received these pictures via email and thought I should share them with you for inspiration.

Hazel is a natural sister from Harare, Zimbabwe. She wrote me the email below. Her email gave me so much encouragement to keep the blog going and help even more naturals on how to maintain their natural hair and realise the full potential of their hair. She is blessed let me say. To have so much hair and not really follow a hair regimen. That is why, or maybe you noticed, it is not the usual Q&A but just a feature on a natural sister in Zimbabwe who is about to start her healthy hair journey with so much hair already.


Hazel’s email to me


I am so glad I managed to bump across your blog just at the same time I was now sooo tempted to relax my natural tresses (that I’ve had since I don’t know when……really…serious).

Now it was a relief to begin following your blog and to realise that there is a whole community of naturals out there and I needed not despair about retaining my natural God given tresses.

I really have never followed a hair regime , and with all the inspiration I must say, now I will start to do things the proper way and I guess my hair will thank me for that. I can actually hear my hair saying “whew at long last, getting the much needed attention”. Basically I had resorted to braiding my hair a lot and being in weaves most of the time but now I have learnt proper hair care coupled with protective hair styles.
Now enough from me. I have attached 3 pics of myself, after I had just removed braids and I hadn’t even washed my hair at the time of these pics.
God bless you too my dear for sharing this with me/us. All the best on your hair journey.
Do you have a natural hair story you would like to share with me/us? Please do not hesitate. Your story may help that one person who is struggling with her natural hair and is at the blink of giving up. Or she may not be having any luck with relaxers but just doing it because she feels that is the only thing possible with her hair. Our hair is beautiful. Come on somebody? Do email me at natsis27@gmail.com
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