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An African innovation: Afro and Twist Comb

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

My eyes beheld an African innovation, sent to me by Alex Dube last week. It is a combined hair twisting tool and afro comb. It can be used by both males and females, young and old. It can be used in two ways which are;


a) Whilst holding the afro-comb spikes the area with the hollow squares is rubbed in a circular motion against textured hair. This causes twists of hair to be formed. This process may be aided by the application of a twist and loc gel or regular styling gel.



b) The afro comb part can be used in the regular manner, to comb hair.


* Two in one (twisting comb and afro comb)
* Does not get easily dirty unlike sponges used for hair twisting and is easy to clean
* Will cost considerably less than competing products. Anticipated wholesale price is about R12.50 and retail R25.00 all including Vat. In the USA the Twists sponges retail for about R70.00 ($6.50)
* Likely to have greater longevity than competing products as it is made of plastic.
* It is portable and fits in a purse or small bag.
* May be used in a hair salon or be shared without health risks as it can be easily cleaned or disinfected
* It is quick to use and may take less than a minute for basic twists

My Review

It is a great invention and I am happy for Alex. I liked the innovation although I do not have a TWA I could try the twisting part of the combo, I like the afro part of it. The material used is flexible but firm enough to be able to go through kinky hair. It has seams on the sides though but they are not so big and protruding so I do not think it is something to be concerned about. The teeth are rounded at the tips which gives a good massage on the scalp as well if you are like me who needs a nice rounded afro comb to gently scratch/massage the scalp from time to time.
There is one aspect of the afro comb part of this combo that I would improve on though. The spaces in between the teeth of the comb are quite close to each other and thus making combing my hair a bit more difficult than some of my combs which are both wide toothed and have more space in between teeth.
Would you like to try this combo out? You can order directly at info@afroandtwist.co.za, or phone Alex on 031 7692897. Please let me know how it goes if you try it out especially on a TWA for the twists.
P.S. Are you coming to Maboneng this Saturday? If you are on Natural Sisters’ mailing list you will know about because such news I will share on email very quickly before I even think of a post. You need to get on that list hey! Here is the link to the event page.


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osvaldo 8 August 2015 - 04:36

Hi can you tell me something I’m looking for twists sponge to buy. Please let me know what can I do

Franklin Cale 29 November 2016 - 19:49

Good evening I wanna buy one of the AFro twist comb please..what must I do

Ruth Mafupa 30 November 2016 - 11:20

Info on the owner of the comb is in the post dear. You can call him or email him.

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