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Take care of your mane this winter

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Mane Attraction

I wrote this article for “Be Beautiful”, a supplement publication for Clicks and thought of sharing it with you. SO it’s in reported speech. I hope it will not be too difficult to get the sense of the whole thing. I have linked the actual document in pdf format at the end of the post if you want to read the actual article. Here I have just replaced the pictures with mine except the first one. Blessing!


Stick to a fuss -freeroutine
Ruth recommends washing hair at least
once a week, and using a deep conditioner each
time. She shares her own regime: “After washing,
I twist or braid my hair up in big sections to stretch
it while it air-dries. Each night I moisturise my hair
and lock in the moisture with Shea butter.I normally do
a pinned updo at night and then wrap it up in a satin scarf. In the
morning, I just tidy my edges and I am good to go.”

2Mane attraction2

Nourish, nourish, nourish
Using a deep conditioner with every wash increases the
hair’s moisture retention. For excessively dry hair, Ruth
suggests sealing the hair with an oil, cream or butter – this will help
the hair to stay moisturised for longer.


Prevent breakage
“To keep a balance between
moisture and protein, alternate deep conditioning
with a moisture hair mask and
use a protein treatment as often as is needed,”
says Ruth. Also, excessive manipulation and
combing or brushing only causes unnecessary
breakage. “Protective styling is a good way to
prevent breakage, but if long-term protective
styling is not an option, low-manipulation
hairstyles like twist-outs, braid-outs and
wash and goes are also good options.”


Mane attraction2

Choose quality ingredients
“I am a sucker for hair
conditioners that leave my hair soft
and tangle free,” says Ruth. “I love
Shea butter because it makes my hair
very manageable.” She also opts for
ingredients like coconut and olive
oil when it comes to treatments
and detangling products as they
give the hair a healthy sheen.


Protect and wrapLight grape bonnet
When it comes to protective styles,
Ruth sometimes chooses braids and
twists. “These styles help my hair to grow
healthily because of the low manipulation,”
she explains. She also religiously wraps her
hair before bed as it helps to keep her hair
moisturised and prevents it rubbing on linen.
“Wrapping also helps to keep my hair intact
over night as I normally do my
styling in the evening to reduce the
things I have to do in the morning
before hitting the office,” she says.


Chattos Natural-46

Love your locks
Ruth urges everyone to remember
that everyone’s hair is different.
“Do what works for your hair and own the
beauty that is on your head. Good hair is
loved hair. If you take the time to take care
of your hair, it will flourish.”



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emelda 5 July 2016 - 13:28

Hi Ruth i love your blog so eye opening.

Ruth Mafupa 5 July 2016 - 14:00

Thanks so much for coming by. Glad to be of some help. Blessings!

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Hi Ruth thank you.

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