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We’ll Keep Bananas In The Smoothie Compartment: Meet Agatha

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi everyone my name is Agatha, I’m originally from Kenya but I’m currently based in South Africa.

What is your hair type?

I’m not an expert but I would put my hair in the 4b – 4c range. I have course thick strands with a low porosity that require a lot of moisture.

When did you go natural and what made you do it?

I went natural about 5 years ago but I only started taking care of my hair correctly 3 years ago. When my hair was relaxed it was very thick and it became increasingly difficult to find a stylist who could help me maintain it. I was between countries at the time and the stylist I preferred was in Kenya. So I would leave my hair in braids for a ridiculous period of time. The health of my hair deteriorated so badly I had no choice but to learn to maintain my own tresses. Soon after my cousin introduced me to natural, healthy hair care and I have never looked back.DSC03146

What was the most challenging thing about going natural?

Patients was a hard lesson to learn especially at the beginning. I had to be “patient” to air dry my hair, “patient” to retain length, “patient” when trying a new regime, it was all just too much patience for a ‘get up and go’ type of person. It was also really hard to improvise when I couldn’t find products. For the longest time all I had to work with was shae butter and coconut oil.

What are your hair goals?

My main goal is to consistently maintain healthy hair as long as I possibly can. My length goals is to reach waist length hopefully in 3 years. My final goal is to help the ladies in  my family transition to natural hair, I think it’s a lifestyle they would love and eventually becomes healthy living.DSC03130

What is your weekly regimen?

My hair is in a protective style 5 days of the week. Either twists pinned up into a style or styled threaded braids. At the end of the week I will re-moisturise and wear my stretched hair as a style or wear a braid-out/ twist-outDSC03243

What does your “wash day” involve?

Prayer, patients and chocolate mostly, once that is out of the way I pre poo with coconut oil and a light spritz of water. I let it steam under a shower cap for a couple of hours, then my hair is the soft and flexible enough for me to detangle. I finger detangle as best I can and put my hair in twists. I then cleanse my scalp with a 3:1 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.

I normally deep condition with a home made recipe, my favourite has Greek yoghurt,  1 table spoon of honey, two table spoons of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of rosemary oil. I leave it on for 45 minutes steaming under a shower cap.

I lightly detangle before rinsing at this point my hair is normally so soft any tangles just melt apart.

I use Luke warm water to rinse and I’ll co-wash with Tresseme naturals conditioner.

I’ll let my hair air dry until it is damp then I’ll apply a leave in, seal with Shea butter and style.DSC03263

How do you wear your hair most days?

During the week a protective style works perfectly for me. Twists pinned up or threaded braids. Once a year I will install mini twists but I like to have those in a protective style too.

What is your “go to” hairstyle?

Twists! Simple, no hustle and looks chic.DSC03255

Do you use heat on your hair at all?

I haven’t used heat in about 3 years but I really want to straighten my hair towards the end of this year. I’m still doing my research into heat protectant and tools, I really want to avoid heat damage.

Wide-tooth comb, finger de-tangling or Denman brush?

FINGER DETAILING…ALWAYS. It took me such a long time to get a technique that works for me but I would recommend it to anyone. Yes it is time consuming but definitely worth it in the long run.DSC03284

Is your hair normally loose or in a protective-do?

Protective-do, I love them. They are simple and look so elegant on textured hair.

What are your “must have” products?

Shea butter and coconut oil are my favourites. South Africa is so dry and I find these to be the best sealants with minimal build up.DSC03255

Have you ever had a hair tragedy? What was it? How did you recover from it?

Oh have I ever…let’s just say we’ll keep bananas in the smoothie compartment. I came across a lovely dc that had bananas as the main ingredient.  I blended some bananas and got ready for soft moisturised hair. After 45 mins of steaming I rinsed my hair and I couldn’t believe the results. I was in tears, the bananas were not blended down enough and they left small sticky particles in my hair. I tried to rinse them out, that didn’t help, I had to comb them out. Eventually I gave up and had to let them dry and flake off my hair. I still get teary at the thought of this saga.

What’s your biggest tip for maintaining healthy or long hair?

I’d say learning to maintain your own hair is vital, knowing why it behaves a certain way and how to change it is a great feeling. Understanding shedding vs hair loss, physical health and hair growth, no stylist alive can perfect that better than you.

Any social sites where people can find you?

Facebook,  Agatha Ooko. Would love to hear from you.DSC03355




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