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7 Winter Anti-breakage Tips For Natural Hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Winter is upon us folks and for a girl like me who knows how much havoc these dry winter months can wreck on her strands, I know, it is time to switch things around and make sure my hair stays healthy throughout winter and beyond. For some us, great, healthy hair doesn’t just happen. We need to invest some time and effort into it. But for some people, knowing what to do is the key point. They are not lazy to put in the hours, but knowing where to direct their effort sometimes is the real deal. So here are my & tips which are going to be expounded in later posts.



Healthy hair grows

  1. Do not neglect to keep your hair well hydrated. If you must go for more than a week without washing your hair, then make sure to spritz your hair as often as twice a day if your hairstyle allows it. Our hair is dry and with dry winter weather, moisture tops the list on our hair needs right now. So make sure you give it moisture and more of it.
  2. Deep conditioning hair with every wash is just so beneficial. You can also switch this up with oil treatments for healthy hair and scalp. Your hair will behave and give you less bad hair days. Co-washing is also an option for less of that dry hair headache and more moisturised tresses.
  3. Seal that  moisture in. Hydrating our hair may not be enough at any given time. To combat dry hair, you will need to seal that moisture in. The LOC method comes highly recommended. So get that product layering going and retain moisture for longer. Remember, no need for too much product here or you will end up with very greasy looking hair that will attract dust and dirt.
  4. Low manipulation is just key to length retention regardless of the weather. But more so in winter, when our hair may be dryer. Just let it alone and get those hands busy with something else except in your hair. Doing styles that last at least three days will do.


    Low manipulation hairstyle.

  5. Protective styling is something I have come to understand the importance of since we moved to South Africa. Johannesburg, where we live is so dry and without fail, my hair tends to do very badly in winter. I am lucky if I don’t loose some of my length let alone experience some growth. If you are like me, low manipulation may not be enough. Protective styling will also hide your hair from the harsh  weather elements. Whether you are going to add hair or use your hair alone, make sure it is protected this winter.

    May 2014

    Protective styling: Mini twists

  6. Take into account the clothes you wear. I am talking about your winter coats, jerseys or jackets. For some us who do not have proper indoor heating, we end up wearing our winter coats the whole day even when indoors. Some of these coats have very high collars and the rough fabric will rub on the hair close to your neck all day and most days in winter. I think this is responsible for most winter nape hair loss. What do you do about it? Wear a scarf that has softer, smoother fabric and let it lie between your coat and your hair.

    June 2013

    June 2013. Hair breakage along the nape of my head

  7. Choose the right products to use. This is big guys. I personally do not use coconut oil to seal my ends in winter. It gives me the perfect set twist out, but my hair feelsl like straw to the touch because coconut oil solidifies in winter. It will melt in the palm while applying it but it will solidify again in the hair. This will not damage your hair though. It just does not feel too good to touch it. Other products you will need to avoid although they are very good for our hair in other months are humectants. A humectant is a substance that promotes retention of moisture. Products that have glycerine or honey, while they draw moisture from the atmosphere to your hair in wet weather, they will draw moisture from you hair to the atmosphere in dry weather. This will leave your hair much dryer and more brittle than it should be. Petrolatum, silicones, mineral oil and alcohol containing products are not good as well and must be used advisably.



Any more tips to add? Please put them in the comments below. Otherwise from me to you, be blessed. Oh, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updates and some information that I only share on email.

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