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Trending Winter Protective Hairstyles

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Winter is here and with it comes changes in the way we take care of our hair. For those of us in Gauteng, our winters are generally dry and moisture is top most needed aspect of our routines. We moisturise and moisturise. Because of the dryness and generally less time on our hands, waking up early is not that easy on cold winter mornings, most people, including myself, prefer to do a lot of protective styles. Several groups and bloggers also have protective hairstyles challenges round about this time. Kind of hibernating the hair a bit. Low manipulation hairstyles which are highly protective is what we are talking about today in case you are still struggling to decide on which hairstyles to choose from. I’m here to help you. I have noticed a number of trending hairstyles and those are the ones I want to share with you.

Marley twists or Senegalese twists are my favourite. Maybe because I know how to do these myself. They are the easiest when it comes to DIY and they are also trending this winter. Not so much the ones with Brazilian wool because these need the ends to be burnt and when not done well, the burnt ends will cause considerable damage to your jerseys this winter. Opt for the ones with Marley hair or Afro twist hair.

These Marley twists with invisible root are everything.

Box braids. These are always trending right? Box braids have been trending for a very long time and who doesn’t like box braids once in a while. I find that when I do box braids, my hair is not as tangled when I remove them unlike when I do twists. Box braids also stay neat for longer. You can also make box braids really jumbo, a medium thickness or everything in between depending on what you fancy.

Jumbo box braids from Nashe Hair Studio

Faux loc’s or fake locks. Not fox locks as some people always want to sound the ‘x’ in the faux. Let me educate you a little bit. A simple google search for the word will bring out the below. Click on the picture to go to google so you can hear how it sounds.

Now that we have that out of the way. Let’s talk about how faux locks are really great when it comes to winter protective styling. With faux locks, all the hair is covered. And for a protective style to be a good protective style, the ends need to be covered. Since the hair ends and the weakest part of the hair and prone to breakage, retaining length involves preserving the ends as much as possible. Faux locks offer such protection 100%. With the introduction of Brazilian wool which is much lighter than kanekalon fiber, many¬† are now choosing to do faux locks with wool. However, the fiber ones are also a great option as I find they stay longer. Using Brazilian wool is cheaper, way cheaper than using fiber though. Goddess locks are also quite trending this winter and a good option if locks are your thing.


Brazilian wool locks

Brazilian wool locks with curled ends from Nashe Hair Studio

Faux loc’s using Brazilian wool

Flat twists, for those with fuller or longer hair can be worn as a protective style as well. Done with or without extension, can be kept in for a good two weeks. The greatest advantage of flat twists is the fact that the style does not pull too much on the hairline. It’s the most gentle style that I know and if receding hairline is one of your main worries, then give these a try this winter. You wont regret it.



Flat twist updo
Image source stayglam.com

Flat twists done on dense full and healthy natural hair @nashehair

Crochet braids or more like crochet hair is also trending this winter. There are a lot of options available as well to the hair that can be used. From soft dread, Marley hair, and other curlier and looser varieties. We are spoilt for choice. Crochet braids are so versatile and you can style them is so many different ways, allows for some access to the scalp whilst the style is on and is much quicker to do than braids and twists. Faux loc’s can also be crocheted in and that is really awesome. Takes way less time than wrapping the loc’s. Crochet is the thing right now.

crochet braids/ weave

Nothing can be as real as this

The good old wig is also trending this winter. With people who never considered themselves as wig girls have now fallen for the wig and wigging it big time. Personally, I think a wig is every girl’s must have for those rainy days and it is a very good protective style as well. With the advent of all types of wigs of late, you are spoiled for choice while protecting your hair for the harsh winter cold.

Wigging it. Smangele from Indalo Nubian Naturals. Follow this Legend on Instagram and you will not have a dull hair moment in your life. @smarty_misshair

Mansero wig

Mansero wig

Are there any other protective styles for natural hair which are trending this winter or are generally very good protective styles? Please let us know about them in the comments below or post on Instagram, twitter or Facebook and tag me @evemafupa or Natural Sisters. I am sure you know many more.

I am staying away from any extensions this winter, mainly because I had to go through an antibiotic treatment sometime in May and that messed up my system so badly and I am fighting dandruff on my scalp right now. I’m having to wash my hair twice a week sometimes and a long term protective style wont work well. I have also cut my hair but that is a post for another day. A lot of people have been asking me about a step by step tutorial on how I do my wash n go’s. i just want to let you know that I will try my best to do that for you as soon as I can. But for now, I will be posting what I have already scheduled in the short term. Thank you so much for coming by and I will check you later. God bless you big time. Have an awesome day.

My hair now.

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