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Holiday Hairstyles for natural hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

It’s finally end of year holiday time and as much as there’s still work that needs to be done, we owe it to the body to take some time off to relax and recharge for the new year. One thing that I personally don’t like to be pre-occupied with is doing my hair when on holiday so I tend to have my go to styles that allow me to be presentable while not spending tonnes of time in front of the mirror doing my hair. Besides medium to long term protective styles, there are nice and quick hairstyles that one employ for literally any occasion and here are some of those.

Holiday at the coast


You will probably be swimming or getting into some water without really thinking of your hair this holiday. Try some twists or braids without extensions if your hair is long enough. These will allow you to wear a swimming cap and also do updo’s when going out for dinner later in the evening. If your hair is not long enough, try and make the extensions not too long or bulky. It’s hot and long bulky extensions may be a handful to deal with. Always rinse your hair after every swim to minimise damage from pool water or salty sea water especially if you were not wearing a swimming cap or some water seeped into your cap. Twists will also shorten the hair washing process of natural hair.

Party hairstyles


Twist outs, big hair and updo’s are all nice and cute hairstyles to wear at a party. A twist out or braid out will always be in place no matter what happens because that’s the nature of the hairstyle. If it’s drizzling or raining though, A big puff or pinned updo is the best as it makes sure your hair stays in place and presentable. No shrinkage issues.

Protective hairstyles

source: www.braidedinnovations.blogspot.co.za

source: www.naturalsisters.co.za

Protective styles are a good way of resting your hair and yourself from constant hair manipulation. I remember when I was a little girl that December holidays were the time we would have braids installed and not just the common cornrows we wore during the year. That trend seems to be still on as I see young girls and even young women prepare their hair for the holidays by installing either braids, twists or a weave. Thick braids or twists are more in now because of the time it takes to install and take down as we become busier by the day. The crochet weave/braid with kinky synthetic hair is also trending as more people are loving the natural hair look. This can go from “the bigger the better” to less bulky and more realistic look.

Short hairstyles

pinterest short hairstyle

If your hair is short, you have it easier. Just wear it the way it is or do some cornrows in the front to add flavour. You can also experiment with accessories that will help you set your mood and express your style. Short natural hair is beautiful no matter how you look at it and the occasion.

Christmas blessings to you and all the best for 2016

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