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Scalp Massage For Good Circulation & Relaxation

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


Hey loves. I hope you’re well and 2016 has been great to you so far. I am doing great and looking forward to what The Lord has in store for me this year. Let me take the opportunity to wish you a blessed year ahead and may you have gladness and joy throughout the year. And may you reach your hair goals or at least make meaningful progress this year. I also need that you guys. When I look back, it’s now five years since I last relaxed my hair and my hair is not where I would like it to be. I am still recovering from my post-partum shedding setback you guys. Although I made progress last year, I’m still to get where I will be comfortable with my hair length.

This is not a hair update though. I will soon do that in a vid as per tradition. I recorded the video below  in December 2015 because I wanted to share with you one of the simple things that I do for my hair, or rather scalp. A reader once asked me how I massage my hair and what better way to show it than in a video. I hope this video helps you, encourages you and inspires you in a way. Please subscribe, like and share it. I will really appreciate it.


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