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Exclusive Finger Detangling Challenge.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa
finger combing natural hair

Finger combed natural hair

Hey loves. I hope you are doing well. I am doing very well by God’s grace. Towards the end of 2015, I promised my hair I was not going to comb it for the first few months of 2016 because I had it combed out most of December and the hair I removed from my comb were just so much it kind of made me sad. I’m sure it was not only shed hair but some breakage as well. So I promised I would go for 3 to 4 months without using a comb even when detangling in 2016. However, I have already combed/brushed my hair in January for my January hair update and length check as per my tradition. Which means, I am officially starting the challenge in February and this is an invite for those who may want to join me.

Here are the details.

starting month: February 2016

Ending month: May 2016

How to Join:

Comment on this post with a recent photo of you showing the condition and current state of your hair, your current length and state whether you comb, brush or finger detangle your hair. A video response will be great.

Checking in:

You will need to check in when you join, half way through which will be end of March 2016 and then when we finish at the end of May 2016. Will send out newsletters to remind you to check in and to encourage you along the way so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. You will check in on a post created for specifically that check in.


Healthier, thicker hair and to retain length as well by reducing breakage and split ends.

Finger combed natural hair can be style with ease

Finger combed natural hair can be style with ease


If you do it well, you will probably achieve the biggest prize of all, which is a healthy head of hair. However, just to motivate you, Natural Moisture is sponsoring a R600 gift voucher to use as you please at the Natural Moisture Online Shop to the most committed entry. To qualify for the prize, you have to:

  • check in at all check in times
  • share your results on Facebook and twitter tagging Natural Sisters/Natural Moisture (please note: some privacy settings on Facebook will prevent us from seeing that you have shared your results and tagged us. Maybe Twitter will be better or you can post directly on our Facebook page) You can also tag @ruthmafupa on twitter and instagram
  • Use #Fingercombing both on all social platforms.

What is finger detangling or Finger combing?

For those of you who do not know what finger detangling or finger combing is, let me give you an overview.  Finger detangling and finger combing are often used interchangeably but I think they are different in some way. Finger detangling is when you use your fingers to separate your hair strands from clinging together while releasing shed hair. On the other hand, finger combing is more like when you run your fingers through you hair, dealing with any snags that you may come across by using your fingers and shaping your hair into a style of choice.

Benefits of exclusive finger detangling

  • Less breakage, snags and tangles are dealt with gently.
  • less split ends. Combs may tear the hair leading to split ends or mid shaft splitting.
  • Thicker healthier hair from low manipulation.

Cons of exclusive finger detangling

  • Look girl, it takes forever. I mean it. Finger detangling takes time if you are to do it properly and reap the benefits.
  • So you need to have bucketfuls of patience.
  • if not done well, you may end up with matted hair which is not what we want. No locks girl. At least not now. And if it’s locks we want, there are better ways of doing it.

A follow up post is coming soon on how to finger detangle natural type 4 hair. I will also post a length check video and my hair update video soonest so you can see what I am starting with on this challenge. The videos were done as an update on my hair for  2016 though so they may not be specific to this challenge. That’s all from me before I make this post super long already. Blessings




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Lebogang 29 January 2016 - 10:04

I want to join the challenge, I will post my pic on your instagram.

Ruth Mafupa 29 January 2016 - 14:15

Oh Great. let’s do this. Glad you can join me

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