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25 Random Facts About Me – Tag

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

So I was tagged by Fanta of Aucurls Naturelle to do a 25 random facts about me sometime last year and trust me I recorded the video several times. Almost every time I would forget something and would have to do it again until I finally just had to post what I had actually said in the video. No one is going to give me marks for it so even if I leave tonnes of info, it’s okay. So here is the one that I think is most comprehensive and I hope it gives you a chance to know who Ruth Mafupa of Natural Sisters is. Don’t forget to thumbs up if you like the video and if you would like to get more videos from me direct to your inbox, why don’t you go ahead and subscribe. You know what, subscribing makes my effort worth while because I will do videos knowing you are waiting for them.

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