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Faux Dread Lock: Mini African Threading

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey lovelies. So I managed to do some sort of protective styling on my hair by trying out something I used to do a few years back. Only that, when I used to do African threading then, I did not keep the do on my head for longer than a week because I used to take much bigger sections. But this time around, I took much smaller sections hence I called it, “mini African threading”. Wanted the threading to look like mini twists but it ended up looking like a faux dread lock. No worries, I liked it like that. I did this early December 2014 though so this is a delayed post.

I recorded how I did the threading including how I added more length to my shorter hair around my hairline so make sure you check the video below for more information. Let me give you a background though and also mention the products I used.



I deep conditioned my hair with a protein treatment, washed, conditioned and applied a leave-in conditioner. I used the egg, mayo & and olive oil protein treatment, Black African Soap for washing my hair, conditioned with Tresseme Naturals and used that as a leave in conditioner before putting my hair in large twist to stretch it while air drying. I only managed to start the threading the next day.


I made the threading much smaller as I said before and I was adding yarn to my shorter hair in the front. The products I used for threading are water, Shea Lavender from Nubian Nature and 100% acrylic yarn. I used quite a lot of yarn so if you want to try the style, you will need to make sure there is enough yarn to cover the whole head.


I was using Chatto Natural’s Natural Omega Gold Shea on my scalp. It made my scalp less itchy at first and I was at peace with my protective style. It has a soothing effect on the scalp which I loved.This was not long lived though as by the second week, my hair would not be quietened down and I had to remove the mini threading after about three weeks.

I loved them and they looked like my natural hair. I had to explain to so many people that it was not my hair but yarn threading. I will do them again some time.

Peace & blessings. And remember, it is much easier to be yourself than anything else.

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