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Healthy Hair Indaba Review

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

We had a fabulous time you guys this last weekend of the 22nd of February 2014. Yes I know, guilty as charged. I did not share with you guys on this blog that I was going to go to the very first Healthy Hair Indaba which was held here in Johannesburg. I should have hey?  I however shared on Facebook and on Twitter. Anyway, I went and I really did enjoy myself. The things we discussed were so valuable. We went through quite a lot of stuff although there was not much time to go really deep on each topic. I tell you, there is never enough time when it comes to talking about hair. There were questions asked and the 5 organisers who were, Wissal, Carise, Aisha, Tendayi and Kavuli tried to answer most of them , with some help from the floor ofcourse. One can never know everything.

Snapshot 1 (2-25-2014 8-46 AM)The sponsors for the event were quite many and if I name them all here, I may leave quite a lot out. The natural hair community was very well represented. Although this was a Healthy Hair event and not a specifically a Natural Hair event, for the first time at a hair event, the naturals were just all over the house.  Met some very interesting people and the goodie bag that we got was just bursting with products. Most of them were not sample sizes at all. They were full size bottles that will probably last me a year. Except on the conditioners hey. My kinks loooove conditioner. It was a success. World class. I could not pin point anything that they could improve on except maybe on the parking at the venue. It was off street right in down town Johannesburg and I had to park a block away which made me quite uneasy even during the proceedings and kept thinking my car may be stolen or I may be attacked when walking to the car. the time we finished was ideal though because although I was scared to walk to my car, I managed to open the boot, place my goodie bag in, open the drivers door, quickly get in and lock doors soon afterwards and drove away as quickly as I could. So all went well. No incidences whatsoever. Was really happy and full of gratitude when I got home and thought to share this on video.

Have a lovely day and be blessed.

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