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Locked Mini Twists. How to keep twists for longer.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I have done this before so it is not the first time for me to lock the roots of my twists so that I can get a bit more weeks with the style. However, I did it on much thicker twists so it worked out perfect. It was not too difficult to take out the extensions or to detangle. This time, they are mini twists, so no guarantees on the take down. However, my hair does not lock easily so I am hoping it will not be too much of a hassle.

I locked the roots of these chunky Marley Twists before for just over a week.

So, yeah, I locked my twists. I washed my hair before the twisting. In fact, I deep conditioned first in the steamer as well and when I was done, my hair was super clean and my scalp feeling all sorts of freshness. I then sprayed my scalp and hair with the Nashe Organics Daily Spray as a leave-in. I didn’t want to apply too much product because I used some gel to lock the roots and also tame the fly-aways that were so visible through the extensions. I then started twisting, the drealocks kind of twisting as if I am re-touching dreadlocks. I then styled my hair afterwards which is what kept the locked part intact considering I used gel and also my hair does not lock easily. I actually do not want it to lock so that suits me perfectly. I am almost a week in the style and I think it will last me through the week and I will see if I’ll be keen to keep the style longer or I will wash and lock again. From wash to styling my hair, it took about 2 hours. Not too bad hey?

en-route to Malawi


The twists, about a week after I had put them in

In Zomba Malawi


Soon after washing the twists and we had just started working on locking the roots

styling the locked twists.

After locking and styling. 

I love these twists so much you guys. They are so light, since it is half length of the braid used, they feel like hair almost and so not a big hassle to manage and style. I can swim in them and just jump in the shower to rinse out the pool water afterwards.  Do you want this look? I used one pack of Brown & Ayo Marley in colour 1B. Doing the twists took about 3 hours from start of plaiting to finish. I used Nashe Organics products to wash and condition my hair and then used Jabu Stone Invisi wax. And so far, so good.

I wore the locked twists to Church on Sunday

The reason why I had my hair in twists in the first place was because I was travelling to Malawi early in November. Soon after that, I was going to be sitting for exams and I knew I wanted a low maintenance hairstyle and twists don’t disappoint all the time. These smaller ones were also very kind to my schedule. I loved them. Thank you for reading this far and I ope you are having a blessed day. Keep on being the best version of you all the time. Sending blessings, love and joy your way.

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