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Baby Oil Update

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Baby oil

I promised to give you feedback or rather an update on how my hair will respond to baby oil. A couple of weeks ago, I had a dandruff attack. Yes that is what it felt like. Nothing I did to get rid of the dandruff on my scalp helped. A fellow sister and friend then told me about applying baby oil directly to the scalp. I tried it and posted my experience here and said I would post a follow up review on the product. My first impressions on baby oil were good and in fact I still think it’s a good product to use on the scalp especially if struggling with dandruff.

The itchiness disappeared and my scalp did not for once in a couple of weeks have the unsightly flakes all over. I am truly thankful to my friend for introducing me to baby oil. I was being driven insane by all the scratching and my scalp was so sore.

I however noticed something that I did not like much and that was how oily my hair had become after one week after applying baby oil to my scalp every third day. It was really an oily mess like I had read on a review someone had done on baby oil. For some this may not be a problem but for me, it was. I usually co-wash my hair but this time I had to shampoo it first because I had to remove the coat of oil before applying conditioner to properly moisturise my hair.

Will I be using baby oil for my hair again? Definitely, though not very soon. I will reserve it for whenever I experience another dandruff attack. I am not about to start shampooing my hair every week so I cannot afford to make it my staple oil.

Till then (:

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