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Pregnancy, Childbirth and Hair Loss

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

The hormonal changes that are brought on by pregnancy and childbirth can lead to temporary hair loss. During the last trimester of pregnancy hair growth can be increased due to overproduction of certain hormones. However, immediately after delivery these hormones decrease significantly and more hair follicles are forced into a resting phase which may be rather extended resting. During this phase hair shedding is increased but new growth does not take its place, thus leading to temporary hair loss.

3 Months post-natal

I am experiencing this and I am glad that I knew this would most probably happen so I did not panic when I noticed the rather more excess hair shedding. My hair had significantly increased in volume possibly because of pregnancy hormones so no big worry. My hair is shedding more along my hair line.(check it out on the photo.) I do not mind it much since it is only temporary and my hair will grow much thicker on these spots eventually.

However the main mistake I did was wearing my hair in mini twists for about four weeks. I was so busy preparing and writing exams in October and with a two month old baby, I thought I could get away with just spraying my hair with my oils and water spritzer and get on with studying daily. After the exams, when I took the twists out and I had to finger detangle my hair, the tangles were just out of this world. With so much loose hair from the shed hair, my hair was a tangled mess. It took quite a long time to fully detangle my hair. Thanks to Tresseme Naturals conditioner which saved the day. I had to apply it to the dry hair on real tough knots to detangle.


Lesson learnt. I have promised myself not to wear my hair in twists again for more than three weeks. I can’t wait though for the excess shedding to stop. Maybe I may try the black tea rinse if it persists, but for the time being I will just continue to be kind to my hair and let it be.

Till then!!!!!!!

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