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My Hair Journey Thus Far – End of 2012

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

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I call it a journey because it is a real journey with its twists and turns, mountains and valleys, deeps and highs, straights and bends, most of the times I have no idea what awaits my hair the next day or week. 2012 has been awesome as far as my hair is concerned and I will be two years post relaxer come the 8th of January 2013.

This year, I noticed more growth or my hair’s ability to retain more length since most of my hair was now natural. I long transitioned and the process took me somewhere around 22 months before all my relaxed ends bade farewell. So now I am completely natural and I am loving it.

In 2011, dealing with two textures was REALLY challenging. My twists looked very funny let alone the twists outs. All I could do were bantu knot outs, Senegalese twists, braids and cornrows. In 2012, I managed to wear my hair out more because of the increased length and the advantage of dealing with one hair texture.

My hair regimen has somewhat changed over the year though. I still spritz my hair with my water based spritzer although not as often as I used to at the beginning of 2012. It now depends on the hair style that I am wearing on the day or the next day and how much shrinkage I will willing to deal with. For example, on a Saturday night, I spritz lightly with water only before doing the flat twists because I normally wear my hair out to Church on Sunday. When I have twists on, or during the week, I spray my spritzer more because I do not mind shrinkage no matter how much of it really does appear.

I am also not using EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for overnight oil treatments any more. I believe using EVOO contributed to my running battles with dandruff on my scalp. So I will be using it mainly on my strands, as part of the protein treatment and in the spritz, that’s all. My tea tree oil ran out recently. I don’t think I am getting another bottle. I don’t know. I will see. I just don’t think tea tree oil has added much value to my hair regimen so I am thinking on passing on it just like Bergamont oil. I intend on keeping Jojoba oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil and castor oil however. I love these oils and seriously cannot do without. So I can say my regimen has matured in some way.

Somewhere mid 2012 I started using Tresemme naturals conditioner as a leave-in conditioner. I absolutely love how soft my hair feels when I use it. I have always used Tresemme naturals to condition my hair but it is quite pricey, so now I am trying to limit my use of it only when deep conditioning and as a leave-in so that I can introduce other products to my hair. Of late I have tried the Wella Repair conditioner and my hair loves it. It has a sleek effect to my hair and it becomes so easy to de-tangle.

At the beginning of my hair journey, I used products because of the reviews others did on them. Now, after trying most of them, I use what my hair responds well to and keep to it. I am still on the look out though for anything that will completely eradicated my dandruff problem.

2012 is almost gone and am ready to embrace what my Creator has allotted me for 2013. I am quite excited at starting another year. I have made goals and resolutions for 2013 and beyond. I will only dwell on those that concern my hair here. Here goes the list:

  • Do more protective styling with my hair only
  • Moisturise my hair more and be kind and gentle when handling it.
  • Keep true to a hair regimen
  • Eat well and exercise for a healthier body and hair
  • Drink enough water and keep hydrated
  • Keep what works and simplify my routine
  • Keep being me.

This list is quite long hey! And it’s not exhaustive because I will not limit myself to this list only. I have put it up as a point of reference and to help me along the journey.

All the best for the new year.

Till then, keep keeping on!

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zione phiri 11 September 2013 - 14:08

I have been struggling with my natural hair, thanks for the artical am starting my journey too

Ruth Mafupa 12 September 2013 - 07:53

Great Zione. Please share with me your progress along your journey. I would love to know. When you need support, remember we have wonderful community of naturals who are always willing to help.

Loongie 20 September 2013 - 21:01

My hair is really thin by nature and everytime I wash and dry it out it’s a disaster until I do cornrows, only then it attempts to bounce back. When I put on a weave or braids it is such as mess that I have to cut it, to level it. I am currently using dematol and black chic hair foods. Do you think I should probably switch and use oils? I don’t want to relax it as it is so soft.

Ruth Mafupa 21 September 2013 - 13:54

Hi Loongi. No need to relax your hair. You can give the oils a try. They say you can try something or a regimen for three months and if it works for you, then you stick with it and if it does not, dump it and try something else. Good luck with your hair.

Loongie 1 October 2013 - 21:23

Thank you so much for responding Ruth. I currently have a weave on and currently using pure coconut to base my hair. I hope it will be effective.

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