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Coconut Milk Rinse for Natural Hair.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Coconut Milk

Did you know that coconut milk is actually good for your hair. Well it is. I discovered it when I had unwanted coconut milk in our fridge. My husband had bought it weeks earlier when he wanted to experiment with adding coconut milk to coffee. After a few sips of his brew of coffee, he made up his mind that his taste buds did not agree with it. So the rest of the coconut milk was left unwanted in the fridge. On my hair wash day, I opened the fridge to see what I could use. Since I am transitioning, I have also been experimenting a lot with products that I can find in my kitchen and use on my hair a lot. I had been using coconut oil in my daily spritz mixture so I thought of searching for coconut milk and hair on the net. (I did not want to try it before finding out if it’s beneficial for my hair and reading/hearing other naturals’ testimonials.) I found out that I could do a coconut rinse after shampooing and conditioning.


I went ahead and did the coconut rinse. When I looked in the bathroom mirror, my hair was sort of coated in some white stuff. I did not like the results. I was expecting my hair to become soft afterwards but this is not what it was to the touch. It was stiff and unpleasant. I quickly dabbed it in more conditioner and rinsed it out. The white stuff was still there but at least my hair was now soft. I then bloated excess water from my hair by wrapping a towel round my head for about 5 minutes and did several braids to stretch my hair. I left it to air dry for a few hours and when I removed the braids, my hair was very soft and shiny. I loved how it looked and felt.


Coconut Milk Rinse

I have gone on to do many coconut rinses after this one I have accounted above and have just made sure I condition my hair after the rinse so that my hair is soft, shiny and full of moisture afterwards. I am sure my hair loves it. Have you also done a coconut rinses to your hair? Please share by writing your experiences and/or questions in the comments space below. Click here for other benefits of coconut milk.


Till next time, Cheers!!

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