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My Love For Natural Hair.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

First and foremost, I am new to blogging so please bear with me during these teething days. That aside, well, I love natural hair and have been on and off natural hair for most of my teen to adult life. When I was in primary school, my mum used to cut it all off and I would brush my hair every day. It was only in high school that I started growing my hair and relaxing, texturising or perming it now and again and it would start breaking then I would cut it off again and start the cycle over and over.

2007 Transition

There is a time I decided to go natural (cause I love natural hair) and that was in 2000. I cut my relaxed hair over the December holidays and when I went back to work in January, wasn’t everyone angry at me. Even some people I thought would not notice if I had hair or not on my head cried foul. Well that was back then and since that time, I have not done that stunt again.

My next attempt at natural hair began in January of 2006 when I started my transition to natural hair. At first all went well until I moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa in November 2007. I had a lot of ¬†frustrations trying to manage two different textures of hair, as in, straight relaxed hair and the coils of the hair that actually grows from my scalp, I started having it pressed at the saloon and yes lots of heat was used. It was not long though before I noticed that my hair was breaking badly. This was an emotional time for me. I did not know what to do then to rescue my hair from the damage. I just said to myself, “you know what? Natural hair ain’t for me.” So I got myself a relaxer, AGAIN!!!!!!

My hair did not stop breaking still. So I decided to try having it in braids and weaves to protect it from the cold South African winters. This did not help either. I had to make a decision. I made up my mind to grow natural hair again.  In January 2011, I decided I had had enough of sickly straight hair that would not stop breaking and that was the last time I relaxed my hair. At this point, I could not even stand straight hair on my head and would either bantu knot it or wave it up in some way. I have not looked back since. With the wealth of information available on the internet, I have since come up with a regimen that my hair loves. I am still in my transition phase so I am dealing with two textures at the moment but my natural hair is thriving and I am happy that I have a healthy head of hair. I have done my research and thanks to all who researched before me. My transition is not as hard as before. So for now, here is to healthy hair!!!!!

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