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Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

One of the things that I promised myself I would do after exams was play in my hair. So, I’ve been trying out different hairstyles that I’ve been dying to try but had no time on my hands to do so or I would feel so guilty doing instead of studying. The bubble ponytail is one of those which I tried out some time earlier this month and it was such a wow moment for me actually. I posted the images on Instagram and Facebook and a lot of people loved it as well. So, I decided to do a tutorial for you guys so that you can see how I do it. And, you never know, you may find some hairstyle inspiration as well.

I did the hairstyle on stretched hair which I stretched using African threading, aka Benny and Betty, aka amaphondo, aka mabhanzi, aka mangongo. Wow, it you don’t know what that is after all the explanation, then you just have to watch the video so you can see this heatless method that is used to stretch African natural hair. I also used Marley hair for my ponytail, which I think is not just a ponytail but actually a mohawk with a ponytail. I also used hair ties to secure the Marley hair onto my hair and also to do the bubbles to make it a bubble ponytail.

Here are some pictures so that you can see the one I did earlier in the month and the one I did in the video. Not exactly alike but close enough. I hope you like the video and if you do, please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel to see more content like this one and other stuff. Share my video on WhatsApp, and if you get to try the hairstyle, please do tag me as well. I would love to see it.

All the best for you and yours and may God bless you.

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