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How to Improve the Condition Different Hair Types.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


Although you may have heard of oily hair, do you know the difference between damaged, dry and brittle hair? Every person has his or her own hair type. Knowing what type of hair you have can help you take the best care of your mane.

Dry Hair

Dry hair is simply hair that is very dry and lacks shine or luster. Many people think that dry hair equates to damaged hair, but that is not always the case. People who have dry hair should purchase products that are moisturizing. They should not purchase clarifying shampoos or conditioners because those products are meant for folks with oily hair. Dry hair can become damaged hair if adequate care is not given. Try to avoid using too much hair spray as hair spray can dry out your hair even more. Any styling products you use should be of the moisturizing and/or shine boosting variety. Products with argan oil or other kinds of oils can work well for dry hair. Try to avoid using heat-based styling tools as much as possible; this means avoiding hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons. If you do use such styling devices, try to locate a heat protectant product that can be applied to your hair beforehand.

Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can be every bit as shine lacking as dry hair, but it has the extra component of containing split ends. Although split ends can’t actually be repaired, you can minimize developing further split ends by taking good care of your hair. The best way to eliminate any split ends that you may have is to go to a haircare professional for a trim. Trimming the split ends will most certainly make your hair look healthier.

As with dry hair, you should avoid products that are used for oily hair; choose products that contain moisturizing properties. Also, limit your time with heat-based styling tools. Getting your hair colored too frequently can also lead to more split ends. To minimize hair dye damage, look for henna-based dyes or temporary dyes. If you choose to go the traditional hair dye route, please have a professional color your hair. Boxed hair dyes can be extremely harsh and drying. As with dry hair, choose styling products that contain shine and moisture-inducing oils.

Brittle Hair

Brittle hair is hair that is so dry and damaged that it can snap at a moment’s notice. Brittle hair typically contains many split ends and can feel like straw. It can feel rubbery when washed and can take an extremely long time to dry. Brittle hair is very delicate, so again, choose moisturizing products to care for this hair type. Limit your hair’s contact with heat-based styling implements. Use a hair dryer as little as possible. It may be best to avoid coloring your hair until its condition improves. Hot oil treatments can help improve the texture of your hair, but please read the directions before starting any hot oil treatments. Moisturizing hair masks may also help. Try to avoid bleaching your hair if at all possible as this can contribute to, or cause, brittle hair. If you feel you must bleach or dye your hair, there are some products on the market that can be applied beforehand to minimize the damage of the bleach or dye. Coconut oil is something that many people apply to their hair before bleaching it to minimize potential damage.

Think about Your Diet

Don’t forget that having a nutritional diet can also play a big part in your hair’s health. Make sure you are consuming adequate fruits, vegetables and fatty acids to help your hair look its best. Certain thyroid conditions can play a role in your hair’s health, so if you feel that your hair is unnecessarily dry, damaged or brittle, you may want to ask your physician for a lab order to have your thyroid levels tested. Above all, do not get discouraged if your hair isn’t in the condition you would currently like. With all the above tips, you can likely improve the condition of your hair!

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Marina is a healthy living enthusiast who loves writing about hair care, natural beauty treatments and fitness. She started this website with the purpose to share her favorite hair care tips with as many people as possible!

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This was a great read!! talking about dry hair and & damaged hair, really give the readers more info about different types of hair. You don’t see much south Africans doing blogs like this and helping people giving so much of information about hair treatments and so forth, so thanks for giving so much of information!!! 🙂

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