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A real wash n go on type 4 hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


wash n go on natural hair

Hey!! I hope you are well. Recently I did a wash and go on my type 4 hair and posted some pictures on Intagram and Facebook. The post got some good engagement and some people were asking how I achieved the wash n go. So I decided to share with you the how part, the products I used and all. Which is not much but still worth sharing.

I started off with a Bentonite treatment on wet hair. Wore a plastic cap and sat under a hooded dryer for some extra heat for about 10 minutes. Not sure if it was necessary to sit under the dryer but that’s what I did because I had no time and I thought, “Let me speed this treatment up a bit” Otherwise, when I do a Bentonite treatment, I normally leave it in for at least 30 minutes. I then rinsed out the treatment and conditioned my hair. I always condition my hair after a Bentonite treatment. I know some say it is not necessary but I just feel my hair needs the conditioner so I give it that.

Just before rinsing out the bentonite clay treatment

Just before rinsing out the bentonite clay treatment

Just before rinsing out the bentonite clay treatment

After conditioning, my hair was wrapped in those T-shirt towels that NMHair Studio uses to bloat out excess water from the hair. Kind of, in place of a towel. I then applied a leave-in conditioner on my hair whilst wet, liberally. Not even doing section by section. Remember, I didn’t have much time on my hands. I needed to take my brother to Johannesburg Parkstation and I could not afford to be late. And that’s all I did. Nothing more. You see? It was a real wash and go. Not the one that involves a hundred and ten steps to achieve. In this case I was literally going to the Parkstation.

The whole washing scene happened at NMHair Studio, a natural hair salon at Natural Moisture. Here is a list of the products used.

Bentonite clay, Nashe Organics Moisturising conditioner, Nashe Organics leave-in conditioner.

day 4 with my wash n go. Those who know me personally will know that my complexion is not that light though. Blame it on my selfie camera

When I left NMHair Studio, I thought I was going to come back from Jo’burg and do my hair properly. But, when I got back, my hair looked great and the curls were popping popping. So I left it alone. That evening, I lightly spritzed it with my home made spritzer, wore my satin bonnet and went to bed. In the morning, I lightly spritzed again, picked my hair using my fingers and voila, I was ready for the day. This style went all the way up to day 4 and I was actually surprised. If it were not for me wanting things too much and could not wait for another hairstyle, I could have pulled it off a week and some.

My spritzer has water, leave-in conditioner, glycerine and black castor oil. This mix works well especially if shrinkage is the style because it has glycerine. With the humidity that was going on around that time, it was the very best for my hair. Lots of moisture being channeled to my kinks.

Do you also do real wash n go’s or the ones which involve a lot of work? What’s in your spritzer? I would love to know. Maybe I can upgrade mine a bit.

Thanks for reading this far God bless you and yours. Remember to keep smiling, laughing and loving.

day 4 with my wash n go


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Tolo 6 February 2018 - 19:15

Hi there

Where can i do silk pressing on my afro, and perhaps buy the silk pressing master?


Tolo 6 February 2018 - 19:17

Hi there

Where can i do silk pressing on my afro, perhaps buy silk pressing master in joburg?


Evenes Ruth Mafupa 12 February 2018 - 13:13

You can come to our salon, at 22 5th Avenue. Edenvale

Bokgabo Tlhaku 12 December 2018 - 08:41

So.. your hair is not type 4c… it looks more like 4b maybe even 4a…

Evenes Ruth Mafupa 19 December 2018 - 12:51

Indeed. I have more of type 4a and b than c. That’s the reason I kept it to a wash and go on type 4 hair.

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