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Jozi Natural Hair Meet Up

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I also can’t believe it that the Jozi Natural Hair Meet up is done and gone. I was so busy in the past weeks preparing for this meet up and you guys it is a lot of work. Thanks to those who came for indeed my efforts and those of other members of the organising committee did not go to waste. We had a fabulous time. There was so much to talk about. Hey, there is always so much to talk about when it comes to hair.

As you may already know, we held it at Thrive Cafe is Soweto. it is such a fabulous place and so suited to our event I am actually thinking of making it our little hang out place. And the staff is awesome as well. They were all over us attending to our every need. The food, the food, the fooooood was such so delicious. World class I may say. Fresh and well prepared. Oh, I may as well make this post a review of Thrive Cafe because I have so much to say about those guys, but let’s move on.

We started a little bit late (I hate African time keeping skills or am I generalising?) because most of the attendees arrived so late. So we ended up starting at 10 a.m instead of 9 a.m. Yours truly was the MC and I spoke on “Hair Care 101” I was literally trying to answer most of the questions I get from you guys from time to time in the presentation. Fanta from Aucurls Naturelle spoke on the “Basics of Wash n go’s” and she nailed it right there. We had ample time for Q&A with the experienced naturals helping out the newbies. We also had brand representatives, more like natural hair brand owners displaying their products and also sharing on how they came up with their products and also educating us on which products from their range is good for different styles and hair needs. There was Afro Botanics, Professional Products promoting III Sisters and Mango & Lime, Nubian Nature, Natural Moisture, Fine Naturals and Eva Hair Salon. All these brands were also contributing to the awesome goodie bags that each and every attendee got. And I can’t say enough thank you’s to show how much gratitude I have for you guys. Anyways, A big THANKS to you all. Thank you. Just before 1 p.m Shereen from Nubian Nature said the vote of thanks and soon attendees started leaving.  Talk of fun and networking, that’s what we had. This meet up was a huge success. The goodie bags can roughly be estimated to be R300 to R400 worth of products most of which were in actual sizes and not samples.  Some girls were actually shocked by how much they got. Information, hanging out with other naturals, food and lot’s of products. Talk of value for money.

And the good news is we are already planning on the next meet up in the new year. So if you missed this one, make sure you attend the next one. It can only get better

And here are the pictures.

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Much love and peace.


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