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4c Naturalista: Meet Boitumelo from Randfontein

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

As per promise, Boitumelo’s full interview below.This is a follow up post from this one. Enjoy and please comment, like and show love. 

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Ntswaki Mrouledi, aka Boitumelo. I’m from Randfontein (Gauteng) but now resides in Potchefstroom (NW).

What is your hair type? eg. 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c etc.

My hair type is 4c. It is very coily and hard… lol

When did you go natural and what made you do it?

I went natural on the 1st of Sep 2013, that’s when the Big Chop began after years of stalling. I went natural because I am a fan of Afro, and my hair becomes weak and doesn’t really grow when relaxed and besides, I was tired of relaxing and wanted to be me.


November 2013


What was the most challenging thing about going natural?

The most challenging thing about being natural, especially with my 4c hair type is that i can’t just wash and go. I can’t really manage my hair unless I spray a bit of water. My hair doesn’t retain moisture on its own so I try different methods.

What are your hair goals?

My goal is to grow my hair to a point where it reaches my waist and even longer. I just want it longer and longer because I grew up hearing many people say that blacks, especially South Africans can’t and don’t have long hair…WP_20140610_009

What is your weekly regimen like?

My weekly regimen is keeping my hair stretched after shampooing, deep conditioning and/or wash. I shampoo my hair twice a month but i actually want to do it once a month. In between weeks I just DC (Deep Condition) only. Then I DC and wear a plastic for 45min-1 hour or more if busy. Once I’ve rinsed it out I apply hair oils (mixed) and at night I wear a plastic and cover with duk… Still keeping it stretched. Oh I only wash my hair once a week.


What does your “wash day” involve?

My hair wash involves an organic shampoo, deep conditioner and hair oils (mixed). Now this month I’ll be adding Shea Butter for a leave in conditioner.

How do you wear your hair most days and what is your “go to” style?

I’m not really a hair style type of person. I only do mini twists and/or braids and some times i do little buns. That’s all…

Do you use heat on your hair at all? If you do. How often?

I don’t use heat on my hair. I just let my hair to air dry after washing. I don’t intend to use it anytime soon because one can achieve a blowout or style hair without heat. Just by using Curl formers, Perm rods and other rods.


Wide-tooth comb, finger de-tangling or Denman brush?

I only use a comb during my wash days but other days I just do finger detangle.

What are your “must have” products?

Must have products are: Shampoo that doesn’t dry hair; Conditioner; Mixed Hair oils; a daily cream or Shea Butter.

Have you ever had a hair tragedy? What was it? How did you recover from it?

Since I’ve gone natural I haven’t experience any hair tragedies or damage… yet…. But during my relaxer days, ijo!


Some protective styling

What’s your biggest tip for maintaining healthy or long hair?

Especially for a 4c hair ladies. Keep your hair moisturised and don’t forget water for everything you do on your hair, for easy management. Hair oils will always help your hair to look and feel healthier. Just mix them up for easy feel and keep your hair stretched by doing cornrows, mini twists or any protective style, unless if u want major shrinkage.

Any social sites where people can find you?

I’m on Facebook. Boitumelo Moruledi is my name and twitter @boitumeloShyU

Thank you





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